‘I Don’ t Know Who Killed Him’– Chidinma Ojukwu Denies Killing Super TV Boss


The Lagos High Court on Tuesday proceeded the test of Chidinma Ojukwa on the Tafawa Balewa Square for the supposed killing of Super TV bossUsifo Ataga On October 12, 2021, Ojukwu, an undergraduate student at Arko Kalagosa University, was billed with 9 matters of Ataga&& rsquor; s declared murder, along with Adedapo Kwadri and also Chioma Egbucha.

The court docket remained to check out the videotaped video clip footage of Ojukwu&& rsquor; s admission earlier thanJustice Jetunde Adesanya In the video clip, she specified she really did not know who killed the deceased as she ran out the house on the day of the event. She specified she observed Ataga on the ground when she returned, immediately evacuated, and also left as an outcome of she was terrified.

On one of the most current cutoff day, October 11, 2022, video footage was shown of Ataga&& rsquor; s drab body. Part of the video clip furthermore exposes Ojukwu admitting that she killed the drab herself. In the video clip broadcast on Tuesday, Ojukwu was asked for why she rejected determining the deceased throughout investigation.

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She specified she didn&& rsquor; t refute determining him, nevertheless she didn&& rsquor; t eliminate him.Ojuku specified:(* )specified that when she observed the deceased in a swimming pool of blood, she was incapable to call for aid as an outcome of she was terrified, consisting of that she furthermore gathered the departed&& rsquor; s 2 apples iphone and also a “I don’t know what came in after I left the room. When I came back, I saw that he was bleeding. I had to go because I was scared. I didn’t kill him. I don’t know who killed him. ”

She, which have actually been his possessions, earlier than he left. Macbook furthermore specified that the departed purchased rather a great deal of smoke and also rophynol.She READ ALSO:

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Prosecutor Yusuf Sule, who specified just how the transcribed assertion of the key implicated was taken and also the method the contrary implicated have actually been detained. Olusegun Bamidele specified: “Bamidele began to compose herself, yet as her handwriting was not certified, I informed her to be clear or in uppercase.She&& rsquor; s when she informed me to contact her, and also she admitted that she had actually killed the deceased. “

That additionally discussed just how she killed She and also entrusted to a blade, a smart phone, and also a MacBook. Computer Village utilized her laptop computer to take the very first implicated to

One Yomi, and also we located the phone.Ojukwu validated that purchases in between his coworkers and also Bamidele occurred via a laptop computer, He claimed. As states, “Ojukwu the MacBook was recouped,

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We.June underwent her phone call logs and also located constant telephone calls in between He 15, 17, 18, and also 21, phone call documents that brought about the apprehension of the various other implicated.

Witnesses tossed the phone gone and also attempted to leap out prior to being detained.”Ojukwu specified 4 various mobile phone have actually been recouped from the 2nd implicated, who specified just how he recognizedBamidele Ojukwu furthermore specified the 2nd implicated exposed just how Rophynol repetitively requested him to obtain her big smoke and also Leki and also deliver them to

The.Chidinma 3rd implicated was detained with the help of Onoh Ojukwu&& rsquor; s adoptive dad, Obi, and also their uncle, The, along with their mama, witnesses specified. October paying attention to of the situation was held off to

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— (*).

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