How to Work with Microsoft On eNote Containers


Learn how to work with your Microsoft On eNote containers. You can relocate, resize, combine, and also conceal those boxes of message and also various other products.

You most likely do not assume much regarding those containers in Microsoft On eNote that hold your message, pictures, and also various other products. But these boxes are the essence of your note pad web pages. They permit you to include products and also relocate points around to your preference.

Here, we’ll describe how to step, resize, combine, and also also conceal those containers. This means, you can structure your On eNote web pages to work much better for you.

Move a On eNote Container

Moving a container to a various place on your note pad web page is incredibly simple.

Place your arrow over the message to show the container. When you relocate your arrow to the leading bar of the container, you’ll see a four-sided arrowhead called aMove Handle Click the take care of, drag the container where you desire it, and also launch.

Move a container

To relocate a container to a various web page in your note pad, you can utilize the duplicate or cut activity depending upon your intent.

Place your arrow on top of the container to show theMove Handle Then, right-click and also select Cut orCopy Go to the web page where you desire the container, right-click an area on the web page, and also select Paste.

Cut or Copy a container

Resize a On eNote Container

While the containers instantly resize to fit their materials, you can by hand resize a container also.

Place your arrow on the leading right of the container to show the two-sided arrowhead called aSizing Handle Then drag left or right to resize the container.

Resize a container

Merge On eNote Containers

You might wind up with a lot more containers on a note pad web page than you mean or require. Rather than reducing and also pasting message or various other products to utilize a solitary container, you can combine them.

Place your arrow over the container thing you desire to combine right into one more. Hold your Shift trick while you drag the container utilizing the Move Handle onto the 2nd container. You need to see the container thing display screen in the 2nd container. Release the container take care of and after that launch the Shift trick.

Merge containers

Hide On eNote Containers

If you utilize the On eNote desktop computer application on Windows or Mac, you have the alternative to conceal the containers. This does not conceal the materials of the containers, simply the container boundaries.

On Windows, go to File > > Options in the food selection. Select Category left wing. Uncheck package for Show note containers on web pages to conceal them and also click OKAY

Hide containers on Windows

On Mac, go to On eNote > > Preferences in the food selection bar. Select General and also uncheck package for Show Note Containers on Pages to conceal them.

Hide containers on Mac

Once you conceal the containers and also relocate your arrow over your web page, you’ll just see the message, pictures, and also various other products.

Corral Your Containers in On eNote

Structuring your On eNote web pages assists you maintain points arranged or just cool and also tidy. So bear in mind these pointers for functioning with your On eNote containers.

For a lot more, look into how to include grids, lines, and also shade to On eNote web pages or how to work with tags in On eNote

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