How to View the Edit History for a Cell in Google Sheets


See every adjustment that was made to a cell in your spread sheet with the Google Sheets edit history attribute. All it takes is a click!

When you or somebody you’re showing makes lots of modifications to a spread sheet in Google Sheets, it’s convenient to testimonial previous variations. You could require to recover one or probably duplicate one for various usage. But fortunately, if you desire to view modifications to a particular cell, you do not have to search the record variation history to see them.

You could desire to discover that altered a formula, the length of time ago you included something, and even if a empty cell formerly held information. Here’s how very easy it is to view the edit history for a cell in Google Sheets.

Edit History for a Cell in Google Sheets

Head to the Google Sheets website, indication in, and also open the workbook and also spread sheet you desire to usage. Next, choose the cell, right-click, and also choice Show Edit History from the faster way food selection.

Right-click and pick Show Edit History in Google Sheets

You’ll after that see a tiny home window pop open with the edit history. Use the arrowheads on the leading right to step via the specific modifications. The modifies display screen in order with your newest adjustment initially. Use the left arrowhead to see the previous modifications and also the best arrowhead to see those that are following.

View the Edit History in Google Sheets

Each entrance programs the customer, day, time, and also alter that was made. This permits you to identify activities in a cell, whether by you or somebody else.

Edit History for a cell in Google Sheets

At this time around, you can not execute any type of activities on the modifies you see in the history. Maybe this is something Google will certainly include down the roadway. But for currently, at the very least you can see what occurred to the information in a cell, when it happened, and also that made the edit which can all be extremely valuable.

Do More in Google Sheets

For extra ideas and also how-tos for your spread sheets, have a look at these Google Sheets tutorials.

Track Down a Change in Google Sheets

When brand-new functions turn up in an application you utilize all the time, it’s constantly a good shock. The capability to see the edit history for a specific cell in Google Sheets is among those rather concealed functions that you’ll ideally currently utilize.

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