How to Move the Windows 11 Taskbar to the Top of the Screen


By default, the Windows 11 Start switch and also taskbar reside on the bottom-center of the screen. But you can place it at the top with a Registry hack.

By default, Windows 11 areas the Taskbar and also Start switch on the lower facility of the screen. It’s feasible to relocate over to the bottom-left, nonetheless, you can not merely drag it around to various sides of the screen with a drag and also decrease. You can do that on essentially all previous variationsof Windows But there is a technique you can make use of to relocate to the top of the screen. But it does take a Registry hack. Here’s how to do it.

Move the Windows 11 Taskbar and also Start Button to the Top of the Screen

Important note: This suggestion calls for hacking the Registry, which isn’t for the pale of heart. If you make an incorrect move while in the Registry, you can develop an unpredictable system. Make certain you develop a Restore Point initially. Or by hand back-up the Registry prior to proceeding.

To get going, struck the key-board faster way Windows trick + R to launch the Run dialog. Then kind: r egedit and also hit Enter or click OKAY

Regedit Windows 11

When the Registry Editor opens, head to the complying with course. In reality, to make points simple, duplicate and also paste the complying with right into the box at the top and also hit Enter:

 HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows CurrentVersionExplorerStuckRects3

Regedit StuckRects3 Settings

When you click StuckRects3, you will certainly see a binary worth calledSettings Click on it to see the components. At this factor, your Registry displays must resemble the complying with:

reg Windows 11

Find the column FE, row 00000008 The worth will certainly be established to 03 by default. Put your arrow prior to 03 and after that struck the Delete essential to eliminate it. Then key in 01 to change it.

Settings values Regedit

Here is what it ought to resemble after you change 03 with 01 Note that if you make use of anything besides 01, it’s not going to do anything. The 01 worth will certainly place the taskbar at the top of the screen.

01-value-registry key

Please reactivate your computer system, and also when it returns, the taskbar ought to currently go to the top of the desktop computer. Note that this method can transform at some time in the future prior to the last launch of Windows 11 appears. And ideally, already, the firm will certainly permit you to relocate around effortlessly.

taskbar move

And if you desire to readjust points, you can move the Start switch and also taskbar to the screen’s bottom-left edge. That technique is a lot easier and also does not need hacking the Registry.

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