How to Hide the Search Icon on the Windows 11 Taskbar


There are actually many methods to seek products on Windows 11 so you could yearn for to hide the Search icon on the taskbar. Here’s how.

Microsoft offers numerous methods to search inWindows And Windows 11 is actually no exemption. It does not feature the sizable search container like Windows 10, however it carries out possess a “Search” icon. Here’s a check out a handful of various methods you may simply search Windows 11 so you can easily channel the icon coming from your taskbar.

Search Icon Windows 11

By nonpayment, Microsoft screens the Search icon on the Windows 11 taskbar. But you can easily eliminate it if you yearn for.

Searching Windows 11 the Easy Way

The procedure is actually easy if you require to seek a data, directory, application, or even various other products on your Windows maker. All you require to carry out is actually attacked the Windows essential on your computer keyboard as well as begin keying of what you require. For instance, I attack the Windows enter the fired listed below as well as began keying: cmd to locate as well as available the Command Prompt.

The Start food selection possesses a search area at the leading, however it instantly places the arrow certainly there when you begin keying your concern. So, you do not possess to hit the search area to begin with. Just begin keying.

Search for CMD Windows 11

Remove the Search Icon coming from the Windows 11 Taskbar

Since browsing is actually as simple as attacking the Windows essential as well as keying, possessing a search icon experiences unnecessary. To eliminate it, available Settings through going to Start > > Settings or even making use of the computer keyboard quick way Windows secret + I

When it opens up, hit on Personalization coming from the food selection on the left behind. Then scroll down as well as click on Taskbar coming from the listing on the right.

personalization Settings Windows 11

On the observing monitor, click on to grow the “Taskbar items” food selection if it isn’t currently. Then shut off the button for Search.

turn off taskbar windows 11

That’s it. The search icon are going to go away right now. If you yearn for to include it back later on, get back right into Settings as well as turn it back on.

Alternate Method

Alternately, as well as possibly an easier method to eliminate the search icon is actually to right-click it. Then click on Hide coming from taskbar when it shows up. Just keep in mind that to convert the icon on once more, you’ll require to go to Settings > > Personalization > > Taskbar as well as convert on the button.

Hide from Taskbar Windows 11

Whichever method you perform it, getting rid of symbols coming from the taskbar can easily generate additional area for various other, more crucial applications. Speaking of that, have a look at affixing applications to the Windows 11 taskbar.

And if you are actually operating Windows 10, have a look at getting rid of the Search container coming from the taskbar.

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