How to Find Apps by First Letter on Windows 11


The Start food selection on Windows 11 has actually been revamped however it has some attributes like on Windows 10. That consists of discovering apps by the first letter. Here’s how

Microsoft has actually revamped the Start food selection with the launch ofWindows 11 However, while it looks various, it runs a great deal like its precursor. One of the attributes is the capability to find apps by the first letter from the Start food selection. This is an awesome technique that assists you find apps on the Start food selection the very easy means.

Find Apps on Windows 11 Start Menu by First Letter

To begin, click on the Start switch or strike the Windows vital on your key-board to launch the Start food selection. Then click the All apps switch at the upper-right edge of the food selection.

Note: My Start switch is on the lower-left edge of the display. If you like the appearance of that, you can make the Windows 11 switch show up on the left, also.

All Apps Windows 11

Now an indexed listing of the apps mounted on your COMPUTER will certainly turn up. Just click any kind of letter from your listing of apps– it matters not which letter you clickon Here I am simply making use of the letter “A” since it’s very easy to obtain to when the listing shows up.

Click letter windows 11 start menu

Once you click on among the application letter headers, a brand-new full indexed listing will certainly turn up. Now you can click the first letter of whichever application you are seeking. As an instance, right here, I desire to find the Mail application. So, I’m clicking the “M” from the listing.

click letter of any app

There you go! That brings me straight to the listing of every one of the apps that begin with the letter “M.”

M section of Apps on Windows 11 Start

Or, right here perhaps you are seeking the Movies & & TELEVISION application, so you would certainly click “M” for that too. This benefits any kind of application supplied you understand the first letter. For instance, perhaps you are seeking Spotify– you would certainly click the letter “S” from the letters food selection.

find Spotify from the Start menu

You understand. And this can be a real-time-saver when seeking apps from the Start food selection. You can additionally find apps by the first letter on Windows 10, as well as it functions basically similarly. The just distinction is how the Start food selection looks– Windows 10 has real-time ceramic tiles, as well as Windows 11 is a cleaner UI without them.

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