How to Convert Rows to Columns in Google Sheets


Change your spread sheet design swiftly and also conveniently with the transpose function. Here’s how to convert rows to columns in Google Sheets.

When you’re producing a spread sheet, in some cases you recognize that the information would certainly be much better formatted in different ways. And while it’s great to recognize this prior to you begin entering your information, it does not constantly take place in this way.

You might establish numerous columns just to find; they would certainly be much better matched as rows or the other way around. Just like the transpose function in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets provides you the very same alternative. This allows you conveniently convert rows to columns or the contrary.

Convert Rows and also Columns in Google Sheets

You’ll utilize the very same procedure in Google Sheets to convert rows to columns as columns to rows. So, indication in to Sheets, open your workbook, and also select the sheet you desire to usage.

  1. Select the cells you desire to transpose. You can do this conveniently by picking the very first cell and after that dragging via the remainder.
  2. Either right-click and also pick Copy or click Edit > > Copy from the food selection.
  3. Select the cell where you desire to put the transformed information.
  4. Either right-click or click Edit from the food selection. Choose Paste unique >> Paste shifted

Paste Special, Paste Transposed

You ought to after that see your information turned to the brand-new design. For this how-to, we transformed rows to columns, as seen in the screenshot listed below.

Transposed rows to columns in Google Sheets

Remove the Original Data

Now that you’ve transformed your rows to columns or the other way around, you still have the initial information in location. So also if you utilize the Cut activity as opposed to Copy in Step 2 over, that information continues to be. But you can conveniently eliminate it by removing the information in the cells or eliminating those columns.

  • Select the cells consisting of the initial information and also strike your Delete secret.
  • Select the columns by dragging via them. Either right-click or click the arrowhead following to a column header and also choice Delete columns X– X

Delete columns in Google Sheets

Depending on where you pasted the shifted information, you might additionally be able to get rid of rows. Just make certain your transformed information isn’t impacted.

  • Select the rows by dragging via them, right-click, and also choice Delete rows X– X

Delete rows in Google Sheets

Tip: If you unintentionally erase information, struck the Undo switch on the left side of the toolbar. You can click the switch continually to reverse each last activity in order.

Make Your Google Sheets Layout Work For You

You do not have to be stuck to the design you pick when you initially develop your spread sheet. With handy attributes like transpose, you can conveniently convert rows and also columns for the very best means to display screen and also deal with your information.

For relevant subjects when servicing your spread sheets, have a look at how to freeze, conceal, or team columns and also rows or how to obtain column stats in Google Sheets.

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