How to Change Default Apps on Windows 11


Microsoft most definitely prefers you to utilize its own apps on Windows 11 yet you can easily still specify your very own nonpayments. Here’s how.

Microsoft does not appear to desire you to make use of apps that may not be coming from the firm. Changing default apps on previous models was actually reasonably simple. Changing default apps on Windows 10 was actually extra included. And on Windows 11, the firm needs a couple of even more clicks on to perform it. We presently presented you how to change the internet internet browseron Windows 11 Today our team’ll check out at how to change various other default apps.

Change Default Apps on Windows 11

One of the means you can easily specify an application as the default is actually during the course of the installment procedure. Some (particularly internet browsers) offer you that alternative. There are going to be actually a switch or even checkbox along with an information talking to if you prefer to create it the default. But a ton of opportunities, you overlook it or even may not be certain in the beginning.

Set a Default App While Installing it

Change Default Apps Through Settings

To start, hit on Start > > Settings or even open it by utilizing the computer keyboard faster way Windows trick + I When Settings opens up, hit on Apps coming from the right board. Then hit Default Apps coming from the listing on the right.

settings apps default apps windows 11

Now you can easily look for either documents kind or even web link kind, or even a default application. In this instance, I am actually hunting for Thunderbird to produce it my default e-mail application. When the application you’re hunting for arises, hit on it coming from the listing of end results.

set default app settings search

Now hit on each of the documents kinds you prefer to produce this application the default for. This may be tiresome along with particular apps. Again, think about internet internet browsers, there are actually a number of documents and also web link kinds they can easily deal with. (This may be where a ton of added clicks on enters play).

choose file types

Open Individual Files

Like previous models of Windows, you can easily still open up personal documents along with the application you prefer. Right- click on a data and also choose Open along with and afterwards the application you prefer to make use of coming from the listing. If an application isn’t specified, you can easily click on “Choose another app” or even look for one in the Microsoft Store.

individual files open with windows 11

Microsoft is actually, naturally, going to placed its very own application on top of the listing. But you can easily choose the one you prefer to make use of. Highlight it and also inspect the “Always use this app to open files” if you desire it to be actually the default. Then click on ALRIGHT

Individual file type always use app

Summing Up

Microsoft most definitely prefers you to utilize its own apps. But it still permits you change the nonpayments to apps of your selection. You can easily either perform it by means of Settings, which may be a nice way to go when at first putting together a COMPUTER. Or, make use of the “Open with” alternative as you experience and also experience documents. Who recognizes, you could really discover the Microsoft application to be actually far better than what you will usually make use of.

For extra on Windows 11 and also apps, take a look at our post on affixing apps coming from the Start food selection to the taskbar. Or check out at this amazing technique for locating apps due to the initial character coming from the Start food selection.

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