How to Add Control Panel to the Windows 11 Start Menu or Taskbar


It’s excellent Microsoft is actually maintaining its own timeless Control Panel around inWindows 11 Here is actually a take a look at affixing it to Start or the Taskbar for simpler accessibility.

Even along with each one of the body energies as well as various other attributes being actually relocated in to the modern-day Settings application on Windows 10 as well as 11, the timeless Control Panel continues to be. You could be much more comfy utilizing it due to the fact that it has actually been your “go-to” place in Windows for servicing as well as repair. And you could really want simpler accessibility to it through developing a faster way to Control Panel on the Start menuor the Taskbar Here’s a take a look at each alternatives.

First, if you are actually a hefty consumer of the Start menu, this portion of the tutorial is actually for you. This are going to present you how to pin Control Panel to the Start menu.

Add Control Panel to Start Menu

Click the Start switch on your residence display or favorite the Windows trick on your key-board to raise the Start menu. Then kind: cpl or console in the hunt carton.

From the leading end result under “Best Match,” you must find the Control Panel application. Right- select it and afterwards click on Pin to Start or Pin to taskbar based upon where you wish it to be actually.

Search cpl start menu windows 11

For instance, below, I affixed itto the Taskbar You can easily open it like you would certainly some other application affixed to the taskbar. When you’re carried out, close the books of it, as well as the CPL image are going to continue to be nailed down the taskbar for the upcoming opportunity you require it.

Control Panel Open on Windows 11

Or you can easily affix it to the Start menu. That is what I carried out below. Note that it is going to place Control panel at the base of the affixed listings. So, you are going to need to have to “scroll down” the affixed buttons checklist if you do not find it, as well as it is going to be actually specified.

Next Page Start Windows 11

When you locate it, right-click on the CPL image as well as pick Pin to taskbar coming from the menu.

Pin CPL to Taskbar from Start Windows 11

Once the Control Panel is actually affixed to the Taskbar, you can easily right-click it. And after that accessibility its own components coming from the menu that turns up. Similar to the instance listed below.

Access CPL items Windows 11 taskbar

Also, if you really want to unpin the Control Panel image, available Start, right-click on it, as well as click on Unpin coming from start or Unpin coming from taskbar or both.

Unpin CPL from Start Taskmanager windows 11

One much more secret to indicate. If you really want to pin Control Panel to the taskbar, open it coming from Start (Windows essential > > kind: cpl > > favorite Enter), as well as when it opens up, right-click the image on the taskbar as well as click on Pin to taskbar

Pin to Taskbar directly windows 11

Summing Up

That’s all there is actually to it. Now you possess accessibility to the timeless Control Panel you have actually utilized over the years as well as are actually utilizedto But, gradually, Microsoft is actually carrying on to technique things in to the modern-day Settings application. Also, look at our post on affixing applications coming from Start to the taskbar on Windows 11.

And for additional on Windows 11, browse through how to add or take out files coming from the Start menu. You could possess discovered my Start switch gets on the left behind where you will anticipate it. You may do that on your body as well. Please check out our post on how to technique the Start menu as well as Taskbar on Windows 11.

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