How a lot are tickets for The Cure 2023 North American trip?


Iconic indie rock band The Cure is once more as they recently presented a 2023 trip throughout North America, so how a lot are the tickets?

For the key time in 7 years, the British indie rock band The Cure will certainly trip to the states for a North American trip. The Cure will certainly play 30 discloses from the beginning ofMay 2023

Going the added mile, the band has actually in addition taken more actions to see to it all tickets for his/her approaching trip can be“affordable”

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How a lot are The Cure tickets for the 2023 trip?

Whilst no collection worth listing has actually been exposed for any one of the upcoming discloses, tickets for the upcoming trip are currently accessible for signed up fans usingTicketmaster

As per their website, the band set up a Ticketmaster- validated follower pre-sale, which opened up as high as fans on Wednesday, March 15,2023

The prices are prepared for to vary from one state to another, as entirely various ticketing lawful standards influence the sale of certain discloses.

The band has actually been exceptionally singing concerning saving their ticket prices reduced, assuring their trip comes for all their fans.

Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

“We want the tour to be affordable for all fans”

In a existing release on the social media sites website Twitter, The Cure share an essential assertion:

This content product could not be packed

The message strengthens their commitment to saving ticket prices reduced.“We have a very wide (and we think very fair) range of pricing at every show” The band goes added, mentioning that their ticket friends have“agreed to help us stop scalpers from getting in the way”

The creates for this, as they’ve described,are “to help minimize resale and keep prices at face value” An outcomes of that is that tickets is not mosting likely to be transferable.

“If something comes up that prevents a fan from being able to use a ticket they have purchased, they will be able to resell it on a face value ticket exchange.” An exceptional view, The Cure assertion added proceeds, highlighting certain factors they’ve faced when saving ticket prices reduced:

“Despite our desire to protect our low ticket prices for fans, the states of NY, IL, and CO make this very difficult” The objective for this, as The Cure limelight, is as a outcome of certain states like New York “have laws in place that protect scalpers!”

The assertion finishes will certainly the band prompting all fans, if they should, to market their tickets using ticket alternating website for encounter worth.

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