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Sergio Hondjakoff, who portrayed “Cabeço,” threatens to hurt his father for refusing to provide him cash to do treatment.

Sérgio Hondjakoff, who’s most acknowledged for his effectivity contained in the movie “Malhaço,” appeared modified in a hold video posted on his Instagram account on Monday night time.

When his father refused to provide him cash to journey, the actor appeared dissatisfied contained in the clip. He even threatened to homicide his father on the video.

More specifics of the incident are as follows.

Sergio Hondjakoff Twitter Video: What Happened?

Sérgio Hondjakoff, who carried out Cabeço em Malhaço contained in the movie Cabeço em Malhaço, resurfaced on Twitter and utterly completely different social media on Monday wanting completely utterly utterly completely different, as if he was struggling an abstinence disadvantage.

The actor, who has beforehand admitted to consuming and doing treatment, even threatened to homicide his father, Francisco José de Mendonça, to demise with a baton.

As per sources, Sérgio then reveals the baton in his arms and threatens his father. The pictures have since been removed from the actor’s social media accounts.

Sergio Hondjakoff just lately spoke up about his consuming. In an interview with Record TV’s Domingo Espetacular, the actor talked in regards to the repercussions of dependancy and recalled his protect in a rehabilitation coronary coronary heart remaining 12 months.

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Parents Details: Who Is Sergio Hondjakoff’s, Father Aka Pai?

Francisco José de Mendons and Carmen Lucia Hondjakoff are Sergio Hondjakoff’s mother and father. In the current video, the actor is seen threatening his pai (father) after he refused to offer cash for treatment. 

Similarly, the actor was enraged on account of his father refused to provide him R$1,000; he furthermore chastised his mom for being accountable for his funds and talked about that he didn’t wish to enter rehab.

In a video, Sérgio Hondjakoff, the Big Head in ‘Malhaço,’ appears deformed and threatens to kill his father

In the column, a snippet from the actor’s hold broadcast aired, all through which he asks for a thousand reais to ship his father to Sao Paulo. Sergio is livid, claiming that Francisco owes him the worth or he ought to homicide him.

Reportedly, he then switches to a particular state of affairs, holding lipstick in his arms. When his father begins making obscenities, he makes an attempt to keep away from the digital digital digital camera on the actor’s cellphone.

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Sergio Hondjakoff Struggle With Addiction

Sergio Hondiakoff’s battle with nicotine dependancy went public in August 2021, when a authorities ministry shuttered a Pindamonhangaba treatment coronary coronary heart that held 46 victims in a private penitentiary.

The id of Cabeçao’s interpreter was disclosed when the itemizing of inmates was examine aloud.

Further, he even created a video for social media to refute tales that he was contained in the hospital, nonetheless loads of days later, he overtly admitted to combating alcohol and drug dependancy.

Last Modified: June 7, 2022

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