Henry Stange Murder: Where Are Ashlie Stapp and Curtis Krueger Now?


A relatively harmless finding through a walker at the Joshua Tree National Park in California promptly became a massacre examination. Henry Stange’s mutilated body system was actually discovered partly laid to rest at the playground in June 2018. Investigation Discovery’s ‘On The Case with Paula Zahn: Circled by Vultures’ possesses the professional reporter explore the situation where a passion triangular brought about Henry’s fatality in what appeared like a murder sustained through envy and temper. So, permit’s figure out additional regarding this situation at that point, shall our company?

How Did Henry Stange Die?

Henry Stange was actually a 54-year-old residing in Murrieta,California He really loved the outsides and loved pets. He additionally devoted a ton of opportunity on his enthusiasm: amateur broadcast. Henry was actually separated coming from his partner of regarding a decade, and they possessed 2 youngsters with each other. The final opportunity anybody talked to Henry was actually when he happened sky on the early morning of May 24, 2018. On June 1, a walker observed what he presumed were actually creature stays at the playground, simply for him to understand later on that they were actually most likely individual continueses to be. He alarmed the authorizations straightaway.

Henry Stange Murder: Where Are Ashlie Stapp and Curtis Krueger Now?

Park rangers visited the performance to find out a rotting body system that was actually laid to rest in a superficial tomb. It seemed to be to the authorities that it was actually performed in a rush. The body system was actually determined to become Henry’s via finger prints. An autopsy validated numerous head bone fractures and numerous lesions, repainting account of a harsh beatdown. The cause was actually intense forthright power injury. Henry was actually eliminated in other places, and the body system was actually poured in the desert.

Who Killed Henry Stange?

The detectives visited Henry’s residence to discover the unlawful act arena in his garage. There was actually blood stream, a ton of it. There was actually a give off bleach, suggesting that the fantastic tried to clean. The safety cams that Henry had actually established at his residence were actually overlooking at the same time. As the investigators looked at Henry’s past times, they knew that he consulted with a bike crash that left him needing to have steady ache medicine. He was actually addicted to prescribed medications.

The authorizations additionally knew of a girl called Ashlie Stapp, a younger twenty-something, that remained in his lifestyle during the time. They tracked her down and learnt that she remained in a significant partnership along with 30-year-old Curtis Krueger, a First Lieutenant in the United StatesMarine Corps Suspecting all of them, the authorities got their phone files, and certainly, the files positioned all of them in the region of Henry’s residence on May 24. This was actually the time the authorities thought Henry was actually slaughtered.

Wanting to enhance the situation, the authorizations positioned wiretaps on the bride and groom’s phones and stood by. Soon, Ashlie and Curtis were actually listened to speaking about Henry’s homicide and bring in indicting declarations. Both were actually detained afterwards in August 2018. But they were actually released a couple of times later on since the district attorneys experienced they required a lot more proof to bill all of them. But in December 2018, Curtis was actually re-arrested after the authorizations had the ability to pick up additional proof.

Ashlie, that at first rejected possessing everything to perform along with the homicide, determined to admit to the authorities after being actually faced along with the proof. Ashlie informed all of them that she exchanged sexual activity for medications along with Henry and on a regular basis satisfied him to receive higher. She concealed this partnership coming from Curtis, however he felt one thing was actually up. In January 2018, Curtis assaulted Henry at his residence along with a hammer after Ashlie informed him that Henry raped her. Henry never ever stated this to the authorities. Curtis disposed of the embed the desert and was actually later on discovered due to the authorizations.

Curtis’ phone files additionally presented that he threatened Henry over messages concerning his function along withAshlie Then, Ashlie said that on May 24, she visited Henry’s residence, performed medications, and made love along with him. At this aspect, she declared that she entered the washroom, and he entered the garage. Soon after, she listened to a howl, observed through Curtis getting into the space and informing all of them they must leave behind.

At the test, Curtis attested that he tracked Ashlie to Henry’s residence and was actually worried for her safety and security. When he went within, he declared that Henry attacked him along with a blade, and thus, he behaved in protection. After that, Curtis and Ashlie left behind for her mama’s residence prior to coming back to the garage. Ashlie assisted Curtis clean and tons Henry, that was actually thought to still live during the time, onto Curtis’ vehicle. They steered to the playground, where Ashlie assisted him submerge the body system.

Where Are Ashlie Stapp and Curtis Krueger Now?

In June 2019, Ashlie begged bad to serving as a device to hiding the homicide after the simple fact. She was actually penalized to 10 months behind bars and 3 years of legal trial. She was actually additionally needed to participate in a drug abuse rehab system. After obtaining credit score for opportunity performed, she was actually essentially penalized to 180 times at a home drug abuse system. In November 2019, Ashlie was actually arrested for ravishing her trial and leaving her rehab system early. She appears to have actually been actually launched ever since, however very little is actually understood about her present location.

Curtis’ test started in August 2020. His attorneys stated Curtis was actually defending themself and included, “The true character of Curtis Krueger was that he was trying to help Ashlie; he was trying to stay with Ashlie.” After 4 times of reflection, a court discovered him bad of second-degree homicide and attack. In October 2020, Curtis was actually penalized to 18 years to lifestyle responsible for attorneys. As every jail files, he stays jailed at North Kern State Prison in Delano,California Curtis will definitely be actually entitled for parole in 2031.