Head of SDN 4 Bengkalis Conflict with First Aid Teacher Ends Peacefully, Ica: I Was Wrong


BENGKALIS (MR) – The feud between the First Aid Teacher and the Principal of the 4 Bengkalis State Elementary School, Silvia Gaiatry, S.Pd.SD lastly ended peacefully, every occasions agreed to forgive each other.

First assist coach, Nurasmasila or familiarly known as Ica in the meanwhile talked about me on behalf of myself, sincerely from my coronary coronary heart and there was no coercion from any social gathering. I apologized to the Principal of SDN 4 Bengkalis State, Silvia Gaiatry for the misunderstanding some time prior to now.

“It happened some time ago, I admit it was a mistake and a mistake,” said the first assist coach who teaches at SDN 4 Bengkalis, Nurasmasila, Saturday (9/10/2022) to monitrrau.com.

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He added, I moreover want to clarify and apologize profusely to the Principal that it was a mistake that must not have occurred.

“I hope the Principal will accept this clarification and apology. This will also not be repeated in the future,” outlined Ica.

Meanwhile, the Principal of SDN 4 Bengkalis, Silvia Gaiatry, S.Pd.SD, said that on behalf of myself I’ve apologized to Mrs. Ica and hopefully in the end we’ll work collectively in making the school’s determine even larger by supporting the imaginative and prescient and mission of the Regent of Bengkalis Mrs. Kasmarni to understand Country of Dignity, Progress and Prosperity.

“The blasphemy is normal and is considered a dish for me. My other friends at SDN 4 Bengkalis and my superiors also know what my performance is like,” he said. (HAPPY)

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Head of SDN 4 Bengkalis Conflict with First Aid Teacher Ends Peacefully, Ica: I Was Wrong.For More Article Visit Techtwiddle

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