Happy Glass Level 101 – 150 Answer Key, Auto 3 Stars

happy glass answer key

Happy Glass Answer Key – Playing video video games might be one technique to remove boredom. The types of moba and battle royal video video games are definitely a favorite of many people, nevertheless for those who’re changing into bored try collaborating in thoughts teasers and puzzles. One of them is totally happy glass, which is ready to make you rack your thoughts.

Like completely different puzzle video video games on the Play Store, Happy Glass will make you rack your thoughts to go looking out the reply key. The motive is that the reply shouldn’t be what it seems to the eye, nevertheless often you could assume terribly. Not even just some must take hours to complete.

At the preliminary stage, there are usually not any important difficulties. But for those who occur to realize stage 100 or above you should be ready with sudden options. If you is likely to be caught, looking for the reply secret is the one technique to advance to the next stage.

Review Game Happy Glass

As the title implies, the first character on this recreation is glass. The glass seems to be like sad because of it’s empty or has no water. Now the obligation of each participant is solely to fill the glass with water to the brim and he’ll smile.

Very simple isn’t it? nevertheless make no mistake though it seems to be like simple nevertheless at certain ranges you’ll need to rack your thoughts to resolve it. At the beginning of the game, there are usually not any important challenges, nevertheless the challenges will become tougher as ranges enhance.

Interestingly, on this recreation there isn’t any prohibit on each participant’s trial. So everytime you fail you’ll be capable to try as soon as extra with an infinite time.

The most ranking of each stage is to get 3 stars. If you aren’t maximal you’ll be capable to nonetheless protect attempting many instances. In addition to the issue of filling water, players might also be confronted with completely different challenges harking back to stones that will break the glass.

Happy Glass Answer Key

If you’ll have launched your creativeness and intelligence nevertheless are nonetheless caught with no means out, then we now have now supplied the reply key from abnews as follows:

Answer Key Level 101-110

Level 101

Use a pencil to draw traces between the waterways. Make a slanted line so that later the water can circulation into the glass

answer level 101
reply stage 101

Level 102

In this stage use a pencil to make semicircle traces. Its perform is to assemble water and drain it into the glass. Make it from the very best of the water provide then circle down and end up on the + crossbar.

answer level 102
reply stage 102

Level 103

Here the ball rolls and enters the glass in order that it’ll cease water from coming into. Your job is solely to make the barrier of the ball stop. Make an L kind on the flat half.

level 103
stage 103

Level 104

Not just some are looking for this fully happy glass stage 104 reply key. To full it’s pretty simple, make a curved line from the very best of the water provide to the underside in order that it’ll become a water path later. For additional, see the picture underneath

happy glass answer key level 104
fully happy glass reply key stage 104

Level 105

The glass above the ball will definitely fall. For that make a line to hold it.

level 105
stage 105

Level 106

Draw an L line from the very best of the ball to the block underneath it.

level 106
stage 106

Level 107

For the reply key to stage 107 that’s to make a curved line throughout the triangle.

happy glass answer key level 107
fully happy glass reply key stage 107

Level 108

The secret is to not let the block fall into the glass. Draw a line connecting the circle to the block. Pay consideration to the scenario of the bend line of the storage must be on the left so that the falling block doesn’t hit the glass.

level 108
stage 108

Level 109

Don’t focus on the propeller! make a block block subsequent to the glass.

level 109
stage 109

Level 110

Maybe you’re a bit confused looking for the reply to this stage 110 fully happy glass. Because there must be 2 glasses that must be stuffed. The trick is to make a line to push the glass on the becoming so that it slides like inside the picture.

happy glass answer key level 110
fully happy glass reply key stage 110

Level 111-120 . Answer Key

Level 111

The triangle will fall on the glass. To anticipate it, make a line like inside the picture.

level 111
stage 111

Level 112

Make a line to dam the ball and make one different line for the waterway.

answer level 112 (2)
reply stage 112 (2)

Level 113

Draw a line from the tip of the pipe to the glass


Level 114

Just make a info line for the pipe to circulation to the left of the triangle, ignoring the spilled water.

level 114
stage 114

Level 115

Make a line connecting the pipe and board, make one different to hold the ball


Level 116

Draw a line like Z so that the glass falls exactly


Level 117

Make an inverted L line

level 117
stage 117

Level 118

Make a cross half for every glasses

level 118
stage 118

Level 119

Just make a ball hook so it doesn’t fall

level 119
stage 119

Level 120

Create a water path from the pipe as confirmed underneath

answer level 120
reply stage 120

Answer Key Level 121 – 140

Level 121

level 121
stage 121

Level 122

level 122
stage 122

Level 123

level 123
stage 123

Level 124

happy glass level 124
fully happy glass stage 124

Level 125

level 125
stage 125

Level 126


Level 127

happy glass level 127
fully happy glass stage 127

Level 128


Level 129


Level 130


Level 131 – 140 . Answer Key

Level 131

It’s very simple, you merely should make a connecting line between the triangle and the glass


Level 132

Create stability by making a ball holder on the left aspect.

happy glass level 132
fully happy glass stage 132

Level 133

Your job is barely to make the glass tilted by rising the load on the left aspect.

level 133
stage 133

Level 134

The water is blocked by the ball beneath the ball, block the water!

level 134
stage 134

Level 135

Draw a horizontal line that’s the cross-section of the two glasses.


Level 136

Tie 3 yellow balls don’t enable them to fall

happy glass answer level 136
fully happy glass reply stage 136

Level 137

Make a water path from the pipe via the 2 beams underneath it


Level 138

Make a waterway on the elbow board

level 138
stage 138

Level 139

Make a stopper inside the coronary heart of the glass.


Level 140

Make a cross a part of the glass between the crimson triangles


Happy Glass Level 141-150 Jawaban Answer Key

Level 141

To get 3 stars merely make a line like the subsequent picture


Level 142

Tilt the glass to the left

happy glass level 142
fully happy glass stage 142

Level 143

Create a water barrier on all three boards!


Level 144

Two orange blocks threaten the glass. But what’s going to fall is unquestionably the left one. Make a keep!


Level 145

Create a waterway above three triangles

level 145
stage 145

Level 146

Flip the glass!


Level 147

Make a barrier above the triangle

level 147
stage 147

Level 148

The reply key for fully happy glass stage 148 is the yellow ball, don’t be aware of the block. Just draw a line for the ball to point out left

happy glass level 148
fully happy glass stage 148

Level 149

Keep the ball from rolling!


Level 150

Make a cross a part of the glass above the blocks and triangles

level 150
stage 150

Source : abnews.id

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