Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajjo and Vimlesh depart the home


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The Episode starts with Beni informing Happu that Vimlesh’s jewelry might be artificial. Happu might be disturbed. Gabbar comes there. Happu asks him to do penance. Gabbar states I’ll do something for my child’s joy. Manohar states sink in water. He states Happu might likewise be considering. Happu states Amma is annoyed, just how I’ll do function appropriate right below. Gabbar states I’ll manage samdhan ji. Manohar asks if she takes kickback. Happu asks Manohar, will I defeat you. He asks Gabbar to say sorry to Amma and states I’m terribly entraped. Gabbar kisses Happu’s cheeks. Beni keeps hand on his cheeks. Gabbar requests for tea.

Hritik states a fair bit mess took place consequently of our experiment. Malaika criticizes them for sparking the fireside. Hritik asks why did Nana ji offered artificial locket. He asks her to use suggestion to guideDadi Malaika states Dadi simply isn’t mosting likely to concur. Ranbir states Dadi could intend to have actually believed one element now. Chamchi states dadi will certainly concur with the kickback.

Gabbar comes home and states samdhan ji,Radhe Radhe He keeps the red wine for her, and states it’s fromEngland Amma does not think of him and states she’s mosting likely to odor it and established. Happu safeguards Gabbar and informs that he really did not rest given that 2 days. Rajjo safeguardsGabbar Vimlesh states Papa was economically not risk-free throughout Rajjo’s marital relationship. Gabbar says sorry. Amma forgives him and asks what might be the speed of the distinct locket. Gabbar states 7.5 lakhs. Amma needs him to use 15 lakhs. Happu states he has actually said sorry. Rajjo asks what’s that this need. Amma asks him to use 15 lakhs, else his children can do not have any kind of entrance of their residential properties. Gabbar drops on Amma’s toes. Rajjo loads her luggage. Happu asks her to not depart the home, seeing the children. Rajjo states I’m requesting you to make the children most likely to tution. Happu demands her to not go. Rajjo defeats him hundreds. Happu states after that in addition I can not obtain rest and asks her to not go.

Beni asks Vimlesh to not go. Vimlesh states you really did not state something infront ofAmma Beni states Amma puts the children. Vimlesh states you’ve obtained conserved your cheeks. She states from the location Papa will certainly bring 15 lakhs. Beni jokes and asks her to not go. He mentally blackmails her. Vimlesh states absolutely nothing will certainly occur to you, I’ve conserved lots of quick. Rajjo states she really did not see such hoggish girl in her life. Happu states I can not aid you go and asks if she opts for constantly. He relaxes on the method which through which. Rajjo loads all her sarees and goes outdoors. Happu goes out. Beni consists of Happu and informs Vimlesh is leaving the home. Happu states Rajjo might be going. Beni asks him to call the children and states only they’ll quit her. Kat states she’s mosting likely to quit the mommy. Chamchi states she’s mosting likely to have the capacity to’ t go. Rajjo comes and informs that she mosts likely to their Nana’s home. Kat states home will certainly establish to be desert with out you. Happu states favorable. Chamchi states just how we’re qualified of hold with out you. Rajjo states you’ll have the capacity to hold correctly jointly along with yourPapa and Dadi Vimlesh states have dishes at Beni uncle’s home. Kat states they might do appetite strike. Chamchi asks her to see their faces. Beni asks Vimlesh to not go. Vimlesh endangers to use separation. Happu asks to not go. Rajjo asks children what they might do, if any kind of specific disrespects their mama and papa. Kat states also we’re mosting likely to do the comparable. Chamchi states we simply isn’t mosting likely to preserve also momentarily. Ranbir states we’re mosting likely to drop you. Rajjo states these are my children, fortunately they really did not take place you, and states she’s mosting likely to call them later on. Beni states do not go. Vimlesh states separation.

Dada ji asks Amma if she got tranquility. Amma states bahus are having a hard time consequently of their papa. Dada ji asks why did she require 15 lakhs rs. He states you’ve obtained dropped in my view. Amma states she’s mosting likely to do despite she believes appropriate. Dada ji states you’re taking good idea regarding Gabbar’s vulnerability. Amma asks him to use 15 lakhs. Dada ji states I do not recognize this kattu. Amma asks him to head to paradise or the body. Dada ji states he isn’t mosting likely to return again. He goes.

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