Hacker claims to (*100 *) data of 100 million T-mobile customers


A hazard star claims to have actually hacked T-Mobile’s web servers as well as taken data sources consisting of the individual data of about 100 million customers.

The declared data violation initially appeared on a hacking discussion forum last night after the hazard star asserted to be actually offering a data source for 6 bitcoin (~$ 280K) consisting of rise times, chauffeur’s certificate amounts, as well as social protection amounts for 30 million folks.

Forum post selling T-Mobile data
Forum message marketing T-Mobile data

While the discussion forum message performs certainly not say the beginnings of the data, the hazard star said to BleepingComputer that they took it coming from T-Mobile in a gigantic web server violation.

The hazard star claims to have actually hacked right into T-Mobile’s development, holding, as well as growth web servers 2 full weeks earlier, featuring an Oracle data bank web server consisting of client data.

This taken data purportedly has the data for about 100 million T-Mobile customers as well as may feature customers’ IMSI, IMEI, telephone number, client labels, protection PINs, Social Security amounts, chauffeur’s certificate amounts, as well as day of childbirth.

“Their entire IMEI history database going back to 2004 was stolen,” the hacker predicted BleepingComputer.

An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is actually a serial number made use of to recognize cellular phones, while an IMSI (International mobile phone customer identification) is actually a serial number connected with a consumer on a cell system.

Cybersecurity cleverness agency Cyble said to BleepingComputer last night that the hazard star claims to have actually taken numerous data sources completing about 106GB of data, featuring T-Mobile’s client connection monitoring (CRM) data bank.

Motherboard, that first reported on this breach, claimed they might confirm that data examples delivered due to the hazard star belonged to T-Mobile customers

When talked to if they tried to ransom money the taken data to T-Mobile, the hazard stars claimed they never ever talked to the firm as well as chose to offer it on discussion forums where they currently possess curious purchasers.

BleepingComputer has actually talked to T-Mobile however performed certainly not acquire a feedback to our inquiry right now. However, Motherboard obtained a reply explaining they are actually exploring the declared data violation.

“We are aware of claims made in an underground forum and have been actively investigating their validity. We do not have any additional information to share at this time,” T-Mobile said to Motherboard.

T-Mobile hacked for vengeance

The hazard stars said to Alon Gal, CTO of cybercrime cleverness agency Hudson Rock, that they did this hack to damages United States structure.

“This breach was done to retaliate against the US for the kidnapping and torture of John Erin Binns (CIA Raven-1) in Germany by CIA and Turkish intelligence agents in 2019,” the hazard stars said to Gal in a discussion.

“We did it to harm US infrastructure.”

Binns is actually a citizen of Turkey that sued the FBI, CIA, and Department of Justice in 2020.

The problem affirms that Binn was actually hurt as well as bugged due to the United States as well as Turkish authorities as well as is actually looking for to force the USA to launch records pertaining to these tasks under the Freedom of Information Act.

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