Gossip Girl Season 2 Finale Post-Credits Scene, Explained


HBO Max’s ‘Gossip Girl‘ is a teen drama series that follows Julien Calloway, a social media influencer whose life turns upside down after the emergence of the titular anonymous social media blogger. The second season finale sees a head-on clash between Julien and Gossip Girl as the race to expose the latter’ s recognition warms up. In the results of the finale’s shocking events, 2 not likely personalities come in person in a post-credits scene. If you could be looking for an evidence in relation to the post-credits and also the tease for Gossip Girl’s future, right below is all the important things it’s crucial recognize! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Gossip Girl Season 2 Finale Post-Credits Scene: Does Jordan Accept the Offer?

The season 2 finale of ‘Gossip Girl’ is labelled ‘I Am Gossip.’ In the episode, the fight in between Gossip Girl and also the young people entails a head when Julien unifies her friends to remove the anonymous blog writer as quickly as and also for all. Julien and also the gang willpower to have Zoya proclaim the credit rating for Gossip Girl’s job. Since the anonymous blog writer appeared after Zoya shown up in New York City, individuals will certainly doubtless picture she lagged the Instagram account. Therefore, the team intends to reveal her as Gossip Girl on the MET Gala, compeling the real specific individual behind the account ahead back in advance.

Image Credits: Karolina Wojtasik/ HBO Max

Ultimately, Kate allows Zoya to answer for Gossip Girl’s activities and also actions far from the dramatization. However, when the info regarding manufacturers combating for the civil liberties of Zoya’s life as Gossip Girl gets to Kate, she is attracted. Kate shows up on the setting up with the manufacturers entirely to seek herself caught. She confesses to being Gossip Girl and also is billed with cyberbullying along with various criminal offenses. Therefore, Kate is dispersed away, and also Gossip Girl vanishes forever. However, the post-credits scene mean Gossip Girl’s return.

In the post-credits scene, Roger Menzies (Malcolm McDowell of (*2 *) s guy. Roger discloses that he’s aware of Jordan’s participation inGossip Girl Jordan assisted Kate with the Instagram account that tormented young people from possibly one of the most significant homes. However, as an option of revealing Jordan, Roger makes him a remarkable supply.

Roger clarifies that he’s preparing to establishGossip Girl He wishes to faucet right into the instabilities of young people throughout the world. Therefore, Roger plans to recreate Gossip Girl as an application, allowing young people worldwide to snoop on each other. With the cash money and also influence of Roger Menzies, Gossip Girl within the kind of an application will be practically unstoppable. While Jordan attempts to disperse the supply, Roger discloses that Jordan’s technical info and also love for reasons make him a truly best prospect.

The scene finishes earlier than we have the ability to examine Jordan’s respond to the supply. However, it’s apparent that Roger’s supply temptsJordan It would certainly draw Jordan far from a life time of mediocrity and also allow him to details himself. Moreover, Jordan is an confederate in Kate’s criminal offenses asGossip Girl Therefore, Jordan might encounter certified consequences if he declines Roger’s supply. As an effect, it’s shielded to claim that Jordan accepts build a Gossip Girl application forRoger Menzies However, ‘Gossip Girl’ has actually been terminated by HBO Max, so we’ll doubtless never uncover out the impact of Roger’s intend on the lives of Julien and also her friends.

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