Estonia arrests hacker who stole 286K ID scans from govt database


Image: Stanislav Rabunski

A Tallinn guy was actually apprehended a full week earlier in Estonia on trial that he has actually manipulated an authorities picture move solution weakness to download and install ID scans of 286,438 Estonians from the Identity Documents Database (KMAIS).

The assailant was actually nailed on July 23, observing a Cybercrime Bureau of the National Criminal Police as well as RIA shared examination that began after RIA looked out of a more than the standard amount of concerns.

“During the searches, investigators found the downloaded photos from a database in the person’s possession, along with the names and personal identification codes of the people,” Oskar Gross, scalp of the cops’s cybercrime system, mentioned.

“Currently, we have no reason to believe that the suspect would have used or transmitted this data maliciously, but we will further clarify the possible motives for the act in the course of the proceedings.”

Stolen facts can easily certainly not be actually made use of for fraudulence

The problematic downloaded and install the federal government record photographes utilizing the aim ats’ labels as well as individual ID codes (accessible from different social data banks).

RIA included that the taken details can certainly not be actually made use of to do notarial or even monetary deals or even get to condition electronic solutions through posing the affected people.

“It is not possible to gain access to e-services, give a digital signature, or to perform different financial transactions (incl. bank transfers, purchase and sales transactions, notarial transactions, etc.) using a document photo, personal identification code, or name,” RIA Director General Margus Noormaa added

“People whose document photos have been stolen need not apply for a new physical or digital document (passport, ID-card, residence permit card, mobile-ID or Smart-ID, etc.) or take a new document photo. All identity documents and photos remain valid.”

All affected people to become informed through e-mail

Although the weakness was actually launched in the body as well as can’ve been actually manipulated a number of years earlier, existing documentation does not reveal that such an assault has actually taken place ever since.

RIA additionally mentioned that the information was actually certainly not transmitted from the suspect’s personal computer after it was actually taken from KMAIS, as well as there is actually no cause to strongly believe that it was actually ill-treated at all.

All Estonian residents who possessed their ID scans as well as individual details taken in the course of the event will certainly be actually informed through e-mail due to the Estonian Police as well as Border Guard Board.

RIA included that this event is actually certainly not linked with another breach disclosed earlier this month when the individual information of over 300,000 individuals was actually left open on theEesti ee condition gateway’s get access to legal rights administration body.

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