Elijah Wood Reveals The Real Reason He Joined The Ted Bundy Film No Man Of God – Exclusive


Elijah Wood has actually certainly never avoided producing high-risk profession steps. Even at a youthful grow older, the Iowa- birthed star participated in daunting jobs like the doomed Mikey Carver in “The Ice Storm” or even the kid of an uneasy Vietnam pro in “The War.” And naturally, he devoted 4 years of his lifestyle doing in as well as marketing Peter Jackson’s historical adjustment of “The Lord of the Rings,” through which the at that point rarely- out- of- his- adolescents Wood lugged the part of the impressive’s main lead character, Frodo Baggins.

Even along with the extraordinary mainstream effectiveness of the “Rings” triumvirate, Wood has actually stayed contemporary in his performing options as well as various other quests, the latter of that includes carbon monoxide- starting a style film creation provider. That provider, SpectreVision, lags the motion picture through which Wood creates his most recent– as well as somehow very most questionable– taking action look: “No Man of God.” In this most recent film, Wood participates in Bill Hagmaier, the real- lifestyle FBI profiler to whom sequential fantastic Ted Bundy opened regarding his criminal activities– the statutory offense as well as homicide of at the very least 30 females– in the course of his last times on fatality row (using The Hollywood Reporter).

The listing of movies as well as manuals regarding Bundy as well as his well known getting rid of field day is actually disturbingly long, yet Wood informs Looper that he desired to take on “No Man of God” due to the fact that “it was a totally different approach” that appeared “vital and interesting and unique.”

No Man of God performs certainly not concentrate on Bundy’s criminal activities as he was actually dedicating all of them

“No Man of God,” guided through Amber Sealey (“How to Cheat”), is actually evaluated Raiford Prison in Bradford County, Florida, where the locked up Bundy (Luke Kirby), waiting for punishment, starts a set of discussions along with Hagmaier that final for a long times. Over the period of their talks– a number of which were actually tape-recorded– Hagmaier at some point gets the bold Bundy to admit to a number of his supposed criminal activities, one thing the sociopathic fantastic possessed lengthy withstood performing.

It was a part of the Ted Bundy story that I just had not heard about,” Wood claimed regarding his choice to each celebrity in as well as make the film. “I knew a fair amount about his incarcerated life on death row. Certainly, the [James] Dobson interview I’d seen many times before, but this relationship with FBI profiler Bill Hagmaier was not something I was familiar with. The script was predominantly based on transcripts and recollections of Bill’s, so this degree of accuracy framed around these series of conversations was just really fascinating.”

Wood fasts to keep in mind that he does not experience the film makes use of or even sensationalizes the horrific attribute of Bundy’s criminal activities at all, mainly due to the fact that it occurs long after they took place.

“It wasn’t a Ted Bundy film in that it was depicting his exploits or sort of showcasing him in the height of his murderous rampage or the sort of person that was his own lawyer at his trial,” he discusses. “It was a totally different approach and a different story in the Ted Bundy experience that just seemed really interesting and fascinating and exciting. And also just that there was this relationship between these two people that was significant enough for Ted to have considered Bill his best friend at the end of his life, so much so that he willed his earthly possessions to him. It’s just really interesting.”

Why it was vital to possess a female straight No Man of God

As kept in mind earlier, “No Man of God” is actually guided through Amber Sealey, whose 2017 film “No Light and No Land Anywhere” met praise at both the Los Angeles as well asCleveland International Film Festivals Wood points out that a female’s standpoint responsible for the electronic camera– integrated along with Sealey’s uncommon choice to reveal graphics throughout the film of females that appear to keep the celebrations coming from afar– was actually vital to specifying this film besides others regarding Bundy.

“It felt vital that a female direct this movie,” Wood points out. “This is obviously a very toxic male individual who wreaked havoc on many women’s and families’ lives … We couldn’t organically work in the voice of the victims specifically, but [Sealey] found really creative ways to include women in the context of the film that felt like it expressed an element of that, from the montages to these women that you sort of see on the periphery throughout the film that are kind of observing Ted and these men as they talk with a degree of judgment, which is really kind of interesting.”

Ultimately, incorporates Wood, performing the film for him boiled down to the simple fact that it tells the garbled profession of some of the absolute most ugly awesomes in American background coming from a slant formerly untouched.

“I found the script so kind of eerie and terrifying actually,” he takes note. “Because in some ways, since it’s devoid of any murder or any gore or physicality. It’s really kind of down to its bare essence. Just the discussion around that sort of topic is incredibly eerie and disturbing. So it was all of those kinds of elements that make it seem sort of vital and interesting and unique.”

“No Man of God” is actually right now in cinemas as well as as needed as well as electronic.