Elijah Wood Confirms What We Suspected All Along About This Hilarious LOTR Myth


It’s been actually twenty years given that the launch of the initial movie in Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” triumvirate. “The Fellowship of the Ring” started the legendary legend that would certainly remain in the souls and also thoughts of dream movie enthusiasts for many years ahead. Central to the triumvirate was actually star Elijah Wood, that represented the important part of Frodo Baggins, the younger hobbit that takes it upon themself to leave behind the convenience of his basic lifestyle and also take place a risky pursuit. Frodo is actually the facility of the trip, and also, basically, Wood has actually come to be associated along with the “Lord of the Rings” franchise business.

The set of stars in the “Lord of the Rings” movies interacted extremely carefully and also for several years throughout creation of the triumvirate. Countless accounts have actually arised for many years of backstage roguishness, tricks, and also unexpected seconds (like what actually took place when Aragorn booted that safety helmet). As for Wood, there was actually one tale that his fellow stars would certainly certainly never permit him reside down, and also he just recently opened about this uncomfortable event that took place while firing.

Elijah and also the “fart heard round the Shire”

Hot Ones” multitude Sean Evans just recently took a seat along with star Elijah Wood to snack food on some hot parts and also speak about Wood’s most recent movie, “No Man of God,” which is actually readied to discharge on August 27. Inevitably, the talk depended on Wood’s take ins while shooting the “Lord of the Rings” motion pictures, and also there was actually one tale especially that Evans could not withstand exposing.

“Is it true that you let out the fart heard ’round the Shire doing the hillside roll with your hobbit castmates?” Evans talked to, to which Wood right away responded through going crazy.

“First day of filming,” Wood affirmed. “Day one!” He clarified even more, explaining a setting where Frodo faces Merry (Dominic Mognahan) and also Pippin (Billy Boyd): “The scene is we are rolling down the hill after Merry and Pippin run into us, running away from Farmer Maggot’s field, having stolen a bunch of vegetables. They bang into us, we roll down the hill. . . so it’s picking up that moment of falling down the hill and falling on top of each other in a very comedic way, and I think it was like take two. And I had a, uh, what is that, a concussion fart? A fart that is brought on by pressure? And yeah, I literally fell [and farted] and everybody burst out laughing. It was great, it was very funny . . . a hell of a way to start filming ‘Lord of the Rings.'”

Being among the youngest actors participants at that time of firing (Wood was actually 17 at that time), it must have actually been actually fairly the beginning for the star to tear one out on the extremely initial time. Wood appears to become capable to laugh about it today, however, and also “Lord of the Rings” enthusiasts possess as yet one more explanation to like the hobbit hero.