Edwardyne Williams Murder: Where is Robert Terry Ellison Now?


In November 2011, Edwardyne Williams, that was however reeling from her partner’s passing away, unexpectedly vanished. As the authorities remained to seek for her, all indications directed in the direction of bad deed. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Heart Of Darkness: History Of Violence’ looks into Edwardyne’s instance and also the means the authorities zeroed in on among numerous people closest to her. So, need to you’re interested to find out additional, we’ve gotten you lined.

How Did Edwardyne Williams Die?

Edwardyne “Dynee” Ann Williams was birthed in November 1961. The Michigan citizen was called regularly being objective. She was near her bro, Robert Kreel, and also focused on family. Furthermore, Edwardyne was a caring mommy to Ann Ellison and also Tabatha Jones through her initial marital relationship and also to Robert Terry Ellison through a earlier partnership. At the moment of the event, Edwardyne had actually been managing the absence of her 2nd partner, Michael Williams, that passed away in December 2010.

Edwardyne’s bro began to stress when he could not achieve her over the telephone. The examination exposed that she was last seen on November 27, 2011, and also was reported doing not have days later on. On December 4, 2011, Edwardyne’s auto was uncovered parked on the element of the freeway in Hope Mills, North Carolina, not eliminated from her home. It had her telephone and also house tricks, nonetheless the auto tricks have actually been doing not have.

Curiously, Edwardyne’s handbag was uncovered holding on a tree nearby with money and also 2 checkbooks within. On December 11, 2011, her figure existed in a woody area less than a mile from her house. Edwardyne was located face down and also definitely dressed at an illegal garbage internet site. An post-mortem exposed that the 50-year-old had actually been suffocated to passing away, nonetheless there have actually been no indications of sexual offense.

Who Killed Edwardyne Williams?

The examination exposed that Edwardyne Williams had actually been with a friend, Wayne Black, the night earlier than she went doing not have. According to today, that they had actually mosted likely to an online efficiency in South Carolina, and also Edwardyne described as him at round 1 AM on November 27, 2011, to thank him for taking her out. The family was furthermore included concerning her as an outcome of Michael’s passing away wedding anniversary was emerging.

Then, they wondered about Terry, that had actually simply recently relocated in addition to his mommy to aid handle Michael’s loss. At the moment, he recognized that Edwardyne had actually simply recently taken place a journey and also educated him she was pursuing a little bit earlier than her loss. Terry included, “I didn’t think nothing of it. Three days go by, and I still didn’t think nothing of it. The fourth, fifth day, my uncle stops by and says, ‘Maybe we ought to see where she’s at.’” The authorities understood he was the last specific individual to have actually seen Edwardyne to life and also started desiring right into him.

Evidence and also statement exposed that Terry had a problematic home life rising and also had actually been aggressive in the direction of his mommy throughout. Apart from being out and also in of the house, Ann recognized that he generally consumed and also did medicine when he was younger. Terry thought Edwardyne was the basis of all his problems; he was implicated of psychologically abusing her and also calling her names. Edwardyne’s bro Robert recognized that when he obtained right here by to confirm on his sibling, Terry declared she left after they battled. Robert included that Terry really did not show up included.

Soon, the authorities furthermore learnt through Edwardyne’s professors consultant. She had actually been going after an understanding’s diploma on the moment. He educated the cops that she had actually been included concerning Terry moving once more. According to him, she was scared that he would certainly damage her. Then, Tara Canady, Terry’s previous associate, educated the cops that he generally choked her throughout debates. According to Tara’s mommy, Terry had actually furthermore intimidated Edwardyne before currently. Finally, Tabatha affirmed that he curved their mommy’s finger in reverse throughout a disagreement in 2006.

Where is Robert Terry Ellison Today?

While the authorities really did not have any type of natural evidence to link Terry to the criminal offense, they uncovered Edwardyne’s auto type in the house upon looking. They thought that Terry eliminated his mommy in a suit of craze, unloaded her figure, after which parked the auto on the element of the freeway to shake off the examination. In November 2015, after that 33, Terry was founded guilty of first-degree murder and also was punished to life behind bars with out the chance of parole no matter maintaining his virtue. Prison details explain that he remains put behind bars at Scotland Correctional Institution in Laurinburg, North Carolina.

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