Edward Bozarth Murder: Where is Denise Bozarth Now?


The citizens of the unusual website of Gilbert’s Marina, Florida, had actually been surprised when the cops uncovered the figure of Edward Bozarth in his watercraft in July 2007. The cops required to analyze for 5 prolonged years previously than they could accumulate adequate evidence to last but not least catch his awesome. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Fatal Vows: Murder in the Marina’ complies with the examination training course of specifically, putting down the info of the situation in a basic approach. If you wish to know added in relation to the situation, along with the id as well as the here and now location of the wrongdoer, after that you certainly’re on the appropriate area. Let’s dive in, after that!

How Did Edward Bozarth Die?

Edward Bozarth was a mystical guy that survived on a ship called Screw U-2 anchored in Gilbert’s Marina, situated outdoors of Key Largo off the south shore ofFlorida It was an area for individuals that wanted to stay a life off-the-grid. Edward equipped appropriate in, living along with his 30 years younger partner, Denise Marie Bozarth of Paxton, as well as his 2 kids. Nobody understood what Edward did to make a residing, although the agreement was that he presumably was “a contract employee of the DEA and the CIA, who in the Eighties and Nineties flew secret missions for the government in Latin America.”

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On July 1, 2007, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office obtained a complaint from an individual involved on a ship secured near the Screw U-2. The policemans got in the watercraft among the self-important nasty aroma to seek the ac system evaluated a cooling 60 degrees. They sought the supply of the aroma to find a body covered in a canvas sail storage space bag within the starboard engine area. Upon opening up the bag, they uncovered Edward’s figure, his head covered with a towel. The figure was linked with trap a fetal area, as well as the cops furthermore uncovered a belt certain round his neck.

The post-mortem record disclosed that 62-year-old Edward had actually passed away almost weekly in the past. He had injuries on his head as well as face that showed crucial stressful crashes. The factor behind death was disclosed to be candid stress injury to his head. One of his next-door neighbors, Jim Lowry, remembered, “Seven distinct, hard blows [to the head] so bad that they had to go to the University of Florida to have the skull reconstructed to even see what type of object killed him.”

Who Killed Edward Bozarth?

The cops uncovered no shortage of suspects when it obtained below to exploring Edward’s death. Some declared that it was a dissatisfied Gilbert’s ex-employee, others insisted the setting of medication vendors, as well as a couple of also held the Chicago crowd chargeable for the murder. However, 2 names conserved appearing in the center of the examination– Edward’s partner, Denise Bozarth, as well as her claimed sweetheart, Dave Campbell, that was the evening time safety and security guard for the marina.

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Denise had actually asked for Edward for a splitting up a brief while earlier than his murder. Her father as well as mama came seeing as well as took the children to Defuniak Springs,North Florida On June 23, 2007, Denise had actually evacuated her things as well as left for Defuniak Springs to her father as well as mama’ house. The expression round Key Largo was she had actually eliminated her affluent partner for his money. It was extra sustained by Bonnie Colon, a friend that coped with the pair aboard the Screw U-2 throughout the summer season time of 2007. She notified the private investigators that Denise presumably mentioned killing Edward each day as she stood to acquire his wide range after his death.

When talked to, Dave rejected to state something in the beginning, nevertheless after that admitted to having an intimate partnership with Denise, validating the accusations of them having a bootleg partnership. The cops furthermore validated the murmurs that Edward was supposedly an abundant guy, specifying he absolutely acquired more than $600,000 after her mama’s death. He had the money in an idea fund, as well as his partner stood to find out after his death.

When the cops originally examined Denise, she shot down the cases of her needing to play any kind of setting within the murder, specifying that her partner lived when she left. She furthermore presumably changed the blame on Dave, as well as an irritated Dave admitted to the cops that Denise presumably supplied $10,0000 to any person killing Edward as well as make it seem a mishap. On the contrary hand, Denise’s dad condemned some Columbian struck team for Edward’s death, asserting it was revenge for his meant setting as a secret authorities representative.

However, the private investigators conserved their regard to Denise, that supposedly fell short a lie detector have a look at in 2007. Her declarations furthermore began to modify via the years. Till July 2011, she kept that she was safe as well as declared that her partner made use of to defeat as well as abuse her generally. In March 2012, the cops last but not least detained Denise, after that 39, on a first-degree murder warrant. While captive, she lastly admitted to the criminal offense, asserting that she acted out of protection, striking her partner with a hammer when he obtained below at her with a weapon.

Where is Denise Bozarth Today?

In January 2014, Denise’s Bozarth admission was controlled to be inadmissible after a make a decision came across that the detained woman had actually asked for a variety of events for a legal representative throughout her admission. In April 2014, Denise begged liable to second-degree murder as well as was punished to 14 years behind bars. The cops really did not explain whether the inadmissibility resulted in the appeal offer, nevertheless stated that the sentence was recommended after speaking with Edward’s 2 grownup young people.

As per authorities court docket info, Denise, 49, is currently jailed in a cell on the Gadsden Correctional Facility in Quincy, Gadsden County,Florida Her prisoner info state that her existing launch day is on February 6, 2024.

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