Donny Youngblood: Where is the Kern County Sheriff Now?


Hulu’s ‘Killing County’ is a docuseries we have the ability to exclusively refer to as very efficient owing to the method which it graphes the noticeable corruption, failings, as well as transgressions of regulations enforcement in Bakersfield,California It hence consists of not just first-hand accounts of these closest to the issue yet on top of that historical video footage to really beam a light-weight upon the entirely various components adding to the harsh reality of this city. Amongst them is the extensive mention of pleased Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood– so currently, ought to you intend to be educated additional concerning him along with his existing standing, we’ve obtained you lined.

Who is Donny Youngblood?

As a long-lasting local of Kern County in each feeling of the amount of time, Donny really went to each East Bakersfield High School as well as West High School earlier than striking register inBakersfield College However, as a replacement of entering into right into the tedious desk-based job self-control upon start, he employed within the United States Army in 1968 with an honest, hopeful intent to offer his country. He hence invested 14 months on vibrant solution in Vietnam after which turned into a bothersome Army Drill Sergeant on the stateside, exclusively to in the end leave the great deal behind for a version brand-new beginning.

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It remained in 1972 when Donny tackled the area of a State Correctional Officer, which apparently affected him to such a degree that he figured out to fasten a cops training academy 2 years later on. Hence began his long-term 3+- decade-long trip with the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, the area he largely offered in all small or major divisions previously than finally obtaining chosen as Sheriff in 2006. Though it’s under no situations been an uncomplicated trip for the Golden Gate University grad (Bachelor’s in Administration of Justice, plus Master’s in Public Administration) as well as the FBI National Academy graduate.

After all, no matter the real reality Donny somehow handles to win each re-election, conflicts have swam round him, his extreme perspectives, along with his unnecessarily hostile methods for many years. The prime circumstances of this really obtained right here to moderate in 2018 when an extremely previous video clip of him specifying it will certainly be less costly as well as much easier to eliminate convicts/suspects reasonably than paralyze them resurfaced. “Which way do you think is better financially?…,” he will certainly be listened to asking within the clip. “Absolutely, [kill them]. Because if we cripple them we get to take care of them for life, and that cost goes way up.”

Where is Donny Youngblood Now?

Many people do think of Donny both has no or marginal respect for human life, yet he however ran unopposed for his send in 2022, that indicates he happily offers since the Sheriff of Kern County to this existing day. In various expressions, insurance coverage as well as tactical techniques have actually stayed the the same, no matter that the entire room under his territory has actually come under extreme examination for its officer-driven criminal offenses over the previous couple of years. In truth, in 2015, The Guardian considered Kern County to have “the deadliest law enforcement in the nation per capita” complying with mindful, extensive, careful, yet exceptionally factually rational evaluation.

Nevertheless, Donny did recently confess that “the world is changing. We [Kern County] used to be 70% conservative Republican. Today, I think it’s probably 56%. [The actual number is 36% registered Republican].” The Bakersfield- based family male after that included, “It’s changed so dramatically. The things that we used to shoot people for, we now cite them with a ticket…That’s not a bad thing.”


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