Did The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 1 Just Confirm Heath’s Fate?


Contains spoilers for “The Walking Dead” Season 11, Episode 1

After 10 complete times and also another to go, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is actually shambling towards its own point. The initial episode of the series’s ultimate season, “Acheron Part 1,” greatly pays attention to a harmful, however important source manage that views the pressures in between Negan ((*11 *)) et cetera of the team dazzle to an achievable boiling aspect, which could just lead to trouble for Maggie (Lauren Cohan). Meanwhile, an additional team needs to go by means of the mind-numbing red tape of Mercer’s (Michael James Shaw) Commonwealth which, honestly, creates the risk of being actually eaten through a pack of zombies nearly welcoming comparative.

All of this particular is actually precisely the sort of things that you yearn for coming from the ultimate season of a compelling zombie dramatization. However, you might possess overlooked some of the episode’s even more fascinating seconds, because of its own blink-and-you-miss-it attribute. Here’s why some enthusiasts presume this the initial episode of “The Walking Dead” Season 11 might possess affirmed the best fortune of Corey Hawkins’ creative source jogger,Heath

Heath’s title seems on the Wall of theLost

The final enthusiasts observed of Heath was actually the Season 10 episode “What We Become,” through which Michonne (Danai Gurira) fired her in the scalp. However, that was actually just a vision, thanks to Virgil (Kevin Carroll). Heath’s real location are actually still unofficial in the series, as he unceremoniously went away in the course of a recall series in the Season 7 episode, “Swear,” leaving a memory card along with the puzzling characters “PPP.”

Keen- considered “The Walking Dead” enthusiasts have actually right now located an interesting information regarding his feasible fortune in the most recent episode. One of the wham seconds of the episode includes a wall surface that Ezekiel (Khary Payton) gets in touch with “The Wall of the Lost,” which is actually precisely what the title signifies– a huge compilation of individuals whose location the Commonwealth will significantly like to recognize. If you’re certainly not taking note, the culture usually focuses on the invention that Yumiko’s (Eleanor Matsuura) sibling could still live and also booting. However, enthusiasts on Reddit have actually indicated that Heath’s title additionally creates an appeal. “Anyone else notice Heath on the wall of the lost?” redditor Wavyalien talked to. “Yep I noticed that too,” customer MuskyDillPickle responded.

Could Heath be actually coming back to The Walking Dead?

Now, listed here’s where points obtain appealing. Though Heath’s loss is actually still a secret in-universe, “The Walking Dead” showrunner Angela Kang has actually exposed that Heath really left the series along with the very same chopper Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) did (by means of Insider). “That was kind of the intention that we had in the back of our heads this whole time,” Kang mentioned. “Even back in that season where you know we had to write the wonderful Corey Hawkins out, because he had huge opportunities in the feature film world … those seeds were already set there.”

Hawkins, obviously, has actually taken place to construct a remarkable occupation, having funDr Dre in “Straight Outta Compton,” starring in “24: Legacy,” and also possessing significant tasks in “Kong: Skull Island” and also “BlacKkKlansman.” Should he want to review the somewhat bit part of Heath, both Kang and also Robert Kirkman have actually said that the series will invite him back along with open branches. Since the Wall of the Lost taken Heath’s title back in chat, and also the circumstance signifies that he is actually still assumed to become to life, our team could but find Heath create his splendid gain … either in the series, or even during that upcoming “The Walking Dead” film.

Then once again, the Wall can just be actually one ultimate Easter egg of a salute to a fantastic sustaining personality whose account never ever obtained an appropriate verdict. Only potential incidents of “The Walking Dead” will certainly uncover whether our team’ll ever before figure out what that “PPP” memory card is actually everything about.