Debunked: Is there a zombie apocalypse in 2022?


Is there a zombie apocalypse in 2022? Well, to you the question may seem silly and even illogical, nonetheless many are strongly glad that the ineffective are coming to China in 2022.

For a few days, zombies have flip into the current matter of debate on TikTok as many stay beneath the idea that the current 12 months will see a tragedy unfold as a result of the flesh-eating corpses are coming to get us.

The fear of the an identical is so widespread that a variety of TikTokers are desperately looking out for strategies to flee the apolocalypse.

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Is there a zombie apocalypse in 2022?

Firstly, let’s start with the reality that zombies don’t exist in precise life.

We know these on The Walking Dead are technique too precise to brush off your fear of turning into one, nonetheless there is not any such factor as a proof or scientific proof to make clear their existence.

So, to answer your question, there shall be no zombie apocalypse in 2022, nor has it ever occurred before now as successfully.

Although there have been further conversations about zombies inside the ultimate week or two, some thought the apocalypse would happen on 2/2/22, owing to the sequence of the date which is a palindrome.

How China turned the center of the dialog

The viral growth on TikTok considerably speaks in regards to the ineffective rising in China or coming to the nation in 2022, because of an article on Google from 2021, that talks a couple of zombie apocalypse that’s “most likely to start in China”.

The story references the novel World War Z by Max Brooks, which chronicles the fictional Zombie World War.

And, those who didn’t study by the use of the story completely, assumed that it spoke about precise zombies’ invasion of China, which sounds utterly fictional.

The Internet thinks they’re precise

As the event is gaining momentum with each passing day, many are left glad that zombies are in precise truth precise. And the remaining are having a excellent snicker over people’s reactions.

One tweeted in the mean time, “I can’t live like this anymore there’s a zombie in China now and Bella porch and cardi b have drama?? Something I thought I’d never see”

“lowkey hope that china zombie thing is real I’m so tired of living under capitalism,” said one different.

One wrote, “Idk if this Zombie thing in China is real or not, so I’m gonna start praying now just for incase”

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