Danny and Kim Daniels Murders: Is Jerry Scott Heidler Dead or Alive?


The generally peaceable city of Santa Claus, Georgia, saw a terrible case in December 1997 when Danny Daniels, his partner, Kim Daniels, and 2 of their young people, Jessica and Bryant, had actually been gruesomely killed inside their actual own home. Besides, as quickly as the authorities began exploring the case, they recognized that the awesome had actually abducted 3 various young people, along with one foster young person, from the similar household. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Shattered: Welcome To Santa Claus’ narrates the horrendous criminal activity and complies with the authorities examination that presented the wrongdoer to justice. Let’s explore the fine print bordering the situation and uncover out additional, allows?

How Did Danny and Kim Daniels Die?

Residents of Santa Claus, Danny and Kim Daniels, had actually been called a caring and beneficiant pair that had actually been regularly ready to help others in your area and invited everyone with a smile. While they had actually been pleased daddy and mama to 4 natural young people, along with Jessica, Bryant, and Amber Daniels, Danny and Kim absorbed a variety of foster young people occasionally and provided a caring environment to create up in. However, little did individuals recognize that this generosity would inevitably lead to their spectacular and unsightly fatalities.

Danny Daniels

In the morning hrs of December 4, 1997, a trespasser burglarized the Daniels household and swiped a shotgun from their weapon cabinet earlier than recording Danny and Kim as they rested of their bed mattress. The gunfire woke Jessica and Bryant up, they normally had actually been completely assassinated in cold blood as they obtained below to assess what had actually taken place. When authorities got to the home, they found a frightening scene inside as there have actually been blood splatters all over in the bed area dividings.

Upon exploring added, the police officers obtained below throughout the horrifically mangled our bodies of the 4 sufferers, and an post-mortem swiftly chose they had actually been fired to death at closed differ with a semi-automatic shotgun. Moreover, relatively remarkably, guideline enforcement police officers found 2 of the Daniels’ foster young people concealing under a workdesk, they normally well-informed the authorities that 3 others, along with Amber Daniels, and foster young person Jo Anna Moseley, had actually been taken by the awesome.

Who Killed Danny and Kim Daniels?

When the authorities began exploring Danny and Kim’s murders, they canvassed the world round the residence, performed an extreme search of the criminal activity scene, and also spoke with the 2 kids that had actually been left on the Daniels household. Through their examination, the authorities found that Jo Anna Moseley obtained below to live with Kim and Danny as she desired to run away an unsteady family environment. While Amber and Jo Anna instantaneously transformed the absolute best of partners, they ‘d generally be gone to by the latter’s 20-year-old bro, Jerry Scott Heidler.

Although Jerry regularly acted effectively with the children, he established a picked interest within the adolescent Jessica, a great deal to Danny’s displeasure. Danny really did not such as the many age opening in between the 2, and Jerry disliked him for such a sight. Once guideline enforcement police officers talked with the 2 young people left on the Daniels household, they procured a whole summary of the assaulter and soon acknowledged him asJerry However, already, the authorities understood that he had actually abducted 3 young people, along with Amber Daniels, Jo Anna Moseley, along with Kim and Danny’s 3rd natural child.

Unfortunately, there was no info of Jerry’s location within the initial couple of hrs, though the police officers had actually been currently on the quest for him. However, they swiftly obtained an advancement when a farmer described as them, declaring he had actually observed 3 more youthful females on the element of the freeway in Bacon County, and police officers had actually been sent off to communicate the children once again securely. Sadly, another spectacular component waited for investigators once again on the terminal, as they swiftly found that Jerry had actually parked the vehicle in a private area earlier than completely raping Amber within the rear seat.

The various young people had actually been urged to witness the rape, and normally, all 3 had actually been distressed after the horrible competence. Determined to communicate the wrongdoer to justice, the authorities instantaneously arranged a statewide seek for Jerry and soon obtained information of him being observed in Alma,Georgia Officers instantaneously embraced up on the lead, and Jerry was swiftly jailed from a loved one’s residence in Alma.

Where Is Jerry Scott Heidler Now?

When presented in court, Jerry begged exempt and declared he was not worried within the murders. However, the court relied on any type of various other situation and convicted him on 4 matters of murder, 3 matters of kidnapping, and a depend every of child molestation, worsened young person molestation, worsened sodomy, and house-breaking. As an outcome, in 1998, the choose punished Jerry to death, along with a more 110-year prison amount of time. Since that day, Jerry has actually continued to be on Georgia’s death row and is currently waiting for implementation on the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison in Butts County, Georgia.

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