Damacio Diaz: Where is the Former Detective Now?


As a docudrama collection that dives deep right into the declared corruption, whitewashes, as well as criminal offenses throughout the Bakersfield Police Department with time, Hulu’s ‘Killing County’ is in comparison to every various other. That’s as an outcome of it consists of not only historical video footage however in addition first-hand accounts of individuals closest to the issue to actually reveal this Californian city’s vicious, violence-driven justice system. Amongst these to hence particular on this three-part genuine is regulations enforcement authorities transformed founded guilty lawbreaker Damacio Diaz– so currently, in the occasion you wish to be shown added regarding him, we’ve gotten you layered.

Who is Damacio Diaz?

It was once more in 1987 when Damacio accidentally transformed a community motion picture celebrity of kinds owing to the finest means he built McFarland High School’s effective cross-country empire along with his 2 siblings. The triad honestly had an undeviating devotion of their initiatives despite being simple children on the time, which’s what ultimately pleased the 2015 Disney sporting activities tasks dramatization ‘McFarland, USA.’ However, the previous chosen to seek General Education as a topic of analyze as an alternative of focusing on his athleticism upon beginning as an outcome of he evidently wished to determine his occupation as a teacher.

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Though based on Damacio’s individual story within the Hulu production, his objectives as well as ambitions took a whole flip as quickly as he saw some adrenaline-pumping, accurate cops job first-hand. The student hence signed up at California State University-Fresno whereas changing his primary to Criminology along with Military Science (1992-1996) earlier than determining to accumulate mentoring on the task. In various expressions, he signed up with the Tulare Police Department as a low-level policeman in August 1996 itself, merely to function stressful as well as can transfer on Bakersfield as a detective precisely 2 years later on.

It was consequently on the Bakersfield Police Department that Damacio remained in a setting to increase the rates in the finest means he had actually all the time preferred– going from patrol procedures to offering at a variety of prominent things. Wheather it’s Burglary, Financial Crimes Detail, Homicide, Narcotics Investigations, Sexual Assault, Special Enforcement (Gang), or Vice, he struggled in each department at one degree or the contrary. Yet his requirement to all the time get on the entry as well as center of movement rapidly got to such a degree that he started obscuring the roadway in between correct as well as improper, causing his apprehension in November 2015.

Where is Damacio Diaz Now?

Damacio was actually arraigned on 16 government matters connected to bribery, medication trafficking, as well as sending an incorrect income tax return on the premises he re-selled a selection of the medicine he took throughout his cops job. He did send each sort of narcotics to evidence adhering to every breast, however it undoubtedly was seldom your whole quantity as he, his affiliate Patrick Mara, along with an associate, had this blended facet hustle. The former BPD authorities evidently recognized what he was doing had not been correct in any kind of fashion, kind, or kind, however he could not find a fashion out as there was no one he might approach for help, according to the docuseries.

Therefore, Damacio begged liable to bribery, ownership, attempted ownership with the intent to disperse, as well as incorrect revenues income tax return on May 31, 2016– he would certainly surrendered from BPD months prior. The former policemans was ultimately punished to 5 years in government prison, merely to be released days early from a midway residence in Sacramento, California, on May 8, 2020.

Since after that, from what we will certainly educate by his online systems, the 50-year-old has actually selected to retire as well as lead a tight however peaceful life in his residence region of Kern; he hasn’t relocated just about anywhere. Damacio apparently likes to continue to be efficiently far from the emphasize nowadays, nonetheless we do understand the house guy linked the knot along with his lasting affiliate, teacher Courtney Diaz, on January 26, 2021.

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