Cindy and Keith Kostial: Where Are Ally Kostial’s Parents Now?


The unfortunate 2019 murder of collegegoer Ally Kostial trembled your whole University of Mississippi scholar community. The 21-year-old was uncovered completely killed far from school, leaving her mom and dad, Cindy and Keith Kostial, ravaged. CBS’ ’48 Hours: What Ally Kostial Didn’ t Know’ narrates the shocking examination adhering to Ally’s death, which lastly led the cops to the awesome: her guy,Brandon Theesfeld While he was swiftly gone down at justice, when you wish to know the means Cindy and Keith are doing currently, right below’s what we have the ability to notify you.

Who Are Cindy and Keith Kostial?

St Louis, Missouri, citizens Cindy and Keith Kostial had 2 youngsters,Ally and Andrew The pair was extremely pleased with their child, that stood out at institution and enlisted on the University of Mississippi in 2016. Cindy reminisces just how the venture advertising and marketing and advertising key was relatively thrilled to steer to university, as other than research study, she wanted to please a pleasurable southerly kid and raise a house with him at some time. Unfortunately, Ally did satisfy a kid from Texas in her junior 12 months, however he lastly transformed the description for her heartbreaking death.

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In the summertime period of 2019, Keith and Cindy gone to Ally at her institution home, going procuring and food preparation dishes jointly. She also required them to stay an extra day, nevertheless they required to vanish therefore previous dedications. Little did the Kostials understand that maybe the last time they saw their child active. On July 19, 2019, Cindy described as Ally rounded 7:00 PM, they generally talked awhile. The previous bears in mind just how her child had actually gotten up from a snooze and calculated to leave in addition to her friends that night.

The adhering to early morning, the elderly 12 months scholar was uncovered ineffective at Sardis Lake, regarding 45 mins from her home. An post-mortem disclosed that she had actually been contended the least 9 celebrations. As the cops began in search of possible suspects, the victim’s friends continuously spoke about a kid called Brandon Theesfeld, that examined on the comparable institution. They disclosed that he and Ally dated in junior 12 months for time and separated, exclusively to reconnect in student 12 months.

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The 21-year-old’s friends added recognized that the pair had a stormy partnership, with lower devotion from Brandon’s surface. According to Keith and Cindy, Ally had actually delicately discussed setting up a kid in institution however had never stated him elaborately. Hence, they have actually been completely not aware of the trouble in between herand Brandon Surprisingly, Ally’s textual material historic previous disclosed the fact; a number of days earlier than she passed away, she thought she might possibly be expecting. But when she shared the similar with Brandon, he really did not take it as well perfectly and started preventing her.

Based on the pair’s complex partnership, the cops mobilized Brandon for examining. However, he made several justifications to avert them and was swiftly uncovered trying to make off city. After an extended search, Brandon was apprehended at a gas terminal, and the weapon with which he fired Ally existed in his vehicle, along with blood on his garments. He at first urged he was safe and declined to beg liable to the funding murder price against him. After some consideration, Brandon approved an appeal bargain and begged liable to first-degree murder; he was handed a life sentence in 2021.

Where Are Cindy and Keith Kostial Today?

Cindy and Keith have actually been anxious when well-informed of their child’s death. Not merely that, after they discovered Ally and Brandon’s advanced formula, they have actually been surprised to understand she had actually taken a residence being expecting check some days earlier than she passed away. Albeit Cindy supposed on today that her child had actually relatively been expecting at a while, causing Brandon to murder her in a craze. Gradually, the mourning mom and dad uncovered some decrease when their child’s awesome was swiftly gone down at justice.

The Kostials shared just how tiring it was for them to pick up the harmed products after Ally’s death, specifying that they commonly nevertheless expect she’s away in institution and severely miss her. Since Brandon’s sentencing, Keith and Cindy have most preferred a non-public life far from the public eye. Nevertheless, the pair nevertheless stays inSt Louis, Missouri, with their boy and pet dog pooch, generally sharing their valued minutes with their late child on social networks. They are happy for the love and aid they’ve gotten from well-wishers and effort to maintain Ally’s recollections active.

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