Christina Morris’ Murder: Where is Enrique Arochi Now?


Investigation Discovery’s ‘See No Evil: We Never Fight’ as well as ‘Dateline NBC: Frost’ are actually pair of incidents that annals a loss as well as fatality that left behind the condition of Texas frustrated to its own extremely primary. When Christina Morris left behind a function along with close friends to move back home, certainly never to become found or even talked to once again, there was actually little bit of uncertainty psychological of those that understood her that one thing dreadful had actually taken place. Yet, the taking place inspections uncovered an internet of cases that they might possess certainly never pictured. So right now, if you wonder to recognize the particulars, our team’ve acquired you dealt with.

How Did Christina Morris Die?

At the grow older of 23, Christina Morris seemed residing a great lifestyle in Forth Worth, Texas, where she would certainly relocated coming from her home town of Plano to become along with her man,Hunter Foster She would certainly given back for Labor Day weekend break 2014, however nobody might’ve reckoned that this choice would certainly wind up being among her final. After all, adhering to a number of hrs of alcohol consumption as well as appreciating her opportunity along with a tiny team of close friends near The Shops at Legacy, at 3:55 a.m. on August 30, Christina strolled in to the nearby garage where she had actually positioned her relied on four-wheeler, certainly never to develop once again.

Christina Morris’ Murder: Where is Enrique Arochi Now?

Christina was actually mentioned skipping, as well as around 3 times after she was actually final found active, the authorizations discovered her auto still in the garage, without indicator of her around. Slowly, the tops concerning her location began diminishing too, however her family members, close friends, as well as really loved ones still laid out each and every single full week to ideally locate her. Although they originally looked all over, as opportunity passed, they normally focused it around Anna, a little bit of city along with fields where individuals felt her physical body to become covered. Eventually, on March 7, 2018, a digging staff discovered her predisposed continueses to be in an area in the city. Her cause either could not be actually figured out or even have not been actually revealed.

Who Killed Christina Morris?

As very soon as private investigators situated Christina Morris’ automobile, they took the security strips coming from the car park as well as discovered that she would certainly went into the site along with a guy. Upon concern, he was actually efficiently recognized as Enrique Gutierrez Arochi, an associate coming from secondary school. According to close friends, the duo was actually certainly not close, however he seemed to be romantically interested, which was actually certainly not returned the compliment. Moreover, some of all of them stated he appeared nearly mad when he provided to stroll Christina to her auto once she declared that she intended to move property that evening. She performed certainly not seem stressed or even terrified herself, nobody elevated any sort of alerts. Both of all of them entered the garage, but merely Enrique eliminated 3 minutes later on.

When challenged along with the online video verification, Enrique said to investigators that they would certainly split methods like ordinary. Except, Christina’s DNA was actually recuperated coming from the floor coverings in the torso of his auto, as well as high rise information uncovered that their cellular phone were actually still all together also at almost 5 in the early morning. With these littles critical proof, given that her physical body had not been actually discovered already, he was actually billed as well as detained for worsened kidnapping. The police authorities strongly believe Enrique was actually angered at Christina’s rejection to become along with him as well as hence picked to find retribution in the only means he might consider.

Where is Enrique Arochi Now?

When Enrique Arochi stood up test, his defence examined the authenticity of the DNA searchings for as well as shown pros to recommend that cellular phone pings might certainly not be actually relied on. However, as the cost was actually worsened kidnapping, the court discovered him bad after 17 hrs of consideration. Following this autumn 2016 decision, a court provided him a lifestyle paragraph in condition jail. Enrique had actually submitted a movement for retrial, however after Christina’s continueses to be were actually discovered, the Court of Appeals, Fifth District of Texas at Dallas verified the high court’s decision. He continues to be bad of kidnapping, certainly not homicide.

As of currently, the district attorneys have actually certainly not filled Enrique for Christina’s fatality, potentially because of the truth that he is actually presently offering a prolonged lifestyle paragraph, or even her source of passing could not be actually recognized due to the absence of skin layer or even thread on her continueses to be. Hence, today, at the grow older of 31, he is actually locked up at the maximum-security French M. Robertson Unit in Abilene,Texas Enrique does not possess a collection release date, however based on the Department of Corrections documents, he’ll come to be entitled for parole on December 12, 2044.