Choti Sardarni, Full Episode 26th August 2021 Written Update, Rajveer Plays The CCTV Footage


Again another episode of Choti Sardarni has actually only shown up to amuse every person. Now, the tale of the series will certainly be actually carrying heat energy to the whole entire atmosphere as well as taking on a lots of target markets to obtain a higher TRP. The upcoming episode of the series starts along with Mausa saying to Rajveer to go sleeping yet he states he needs to consume frozen yogurt yet Dida states he will definitely certainly not go anywhere as other people will definitely obtain it. Rajveer states he will definitely visiting create frozen yogurt yet Dida claims no yet he once again claims that he needs to have to visit the accommodation.

Choti Sardarni, Full Episode 26th August 2021 Written Update, Rajveer Plays The CCTV Footage

On the various other palm, Seher likewise stuck to his bros as well as they each likewise take her phone. She claims Rajveer have to be actually hanging around yet he messages her. Karan as well as Param take her phone as well as aggravate her through claiming presently texting begins in between Seher as well asRajveer Suddenly, Badi Bi takes Seher’s phone as well as reviews the message through which Rajveer composed he is actually continued house.

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After going through the message, Badi Bi informs her that he is actually claiming he desires to possess coffee along withSeher Badi Bi likewise states her to do not go this moment. Suddenly, Param claims no she needs to go as well as he claims to take his vehicle as well as take place a coffee date.

In the following performance, audiences will certainly find Rajveer inquiring Ramila why Dida is actually certainly not permitting him go. Ramila claims go, she will definitely take care ofDida Dida claims Mausi Ji, yet quickly, Ramila inquires performed she making an effort to cease her. Then, Dida claims no and after that Ramila claims to Rajveer to visit take frozen yogurt.

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After that, Dida claims Nikhil that Rajveer has actually left behind as well as informs him to perform just before him. Nikhil states he will definitely exist. Rajveer choice Seher yet Nikhil achieves there just before all of them. Before Rajveer achieves certainly there, Nikhil goes inside the safety and security space as well as obtains the video clip.

Then, Dida claims to remove it, yet he claims the unit is actually dangled. Rajveer as well as Seher happen outdoors as well as Nikhil observes all of them as well as informs Dida that they each are actually right here what he needs to perform following. Dida claims perform what she inquires to perform. Nikhil sends out a rodent in the direction of all of them as well as Seher is actually terrified as well as drops onRajveer Then, their necklaces are actually obtaining stayed as well as Seher claims rush as well as need to go to the safety and security space.

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Suddenly, Rajveer listens to a sound as well as claims an individual is actually right here. Rajveer claims no one is actually right here as well as when they find the Footage after that the footage does not lots. Choti Sardarni tonight’s episode will certainly be really really fantastic through which audiences aspire to find what will certainly occur following. So, you only require to keep associated with our team to obtain even more written updates of day-to-day soups.