Choti Sardarni 24th August 2021 Written Episode: Seher Making Rajveer Wear Ring


The everyday soup Choti Sardarni happening well and also every person in the nation aspires to view it. As we all understand that the tale of the series is actually extremely interesting and also drawing in countless eyes to find tonight’s incident. In the previous incident, customers viewed that Seher has actually consented to wed CENTIMETERS’s sibling. Now, every person getting ready for Seher’s relationship. But Seher and also Rajveer are actually looking for Kunal as they acquire pointers that Kunal is actually on call inAmritsar They both continually looking for Kunal to present every person what is actually the fact responsible for Kunal’s rejects getting married to Seher.

Choti Sardarni 24th August 2021 Written Episode: Seher Making Rajveer Wear Ring

If our team refer to the upcoming incident after that it starts along with Dida places the supplant the establishment. After that, Dida points out Seher and also Rajveer to trade their bands so they each linked their centers for life. When she inflicts Rajveer after that every person begins slapping. On the various other palm, Kunal can be found in and also hit a steward. Now, Seher making Rajveer wear the ring and also Kunal goes to the doorway. After that, Rajveer creates Seher wear the ring and also every person experiences extremely satisfied. Nikhil conducts Kunal and also tugs him out. Arunita goes out and also Karan views her operating.

After he was actually tugged through Nikhil after that he observes her outdoors. Then, Kunal is actually being actually tugged to a motor vehicle and after that Arunita points out to the motorist rush somebody will definitely happen. Karan emerges and also the auto instantly leaves behind. On the various other palm, Arunita entrusts to sidetrack him. Now, he is actually extremely puzzled. In the following performance, Dida points out Rajveer to keep her as she is actually practically his spouse. After that, Dida points out that this information will be actually revealed with all papers. Rajveer places his palms around Seher and also points out do not fret. In respond to him, Seher claims she desires it was actually a video game yet this is actually certainly not a video game as it is actually every little thing taking place in genuine.

Again, Seher inquires him if the outcomes of the public auction have actually been actually out. He points out the outcomes have actually certainly not been actually announced as yet. On the various other palm, Karan claims their Seher is actually involved once in a while Param points out Mama Papa will be actually therefore satisfied if they exist today. After that, Karan, Param, and also Badi B beginning dance and also Seher grins after viewing all of them. Suddenly, Seher imagines Kunal around her and also she begins vocal and also envisioning Kunal also after she begins show business. Now, Choti Sardarni will definitely be actually visiting sky on Colors TELEVISION at 7:30 PM and also every person aspires to view it. The tale of the incident will definitely be in fact worth enjoying and also every person aspires to view it.