Charlie Puth offers TikTok’s Axel Webber recommendation after Juilliard rejection


A well-liked TikTok star has been given some recommendation by Charlie Puth after being rejected by one among America’s most prestigious arts faculties.

Axel Webber is a 22-year-old TikTok star from Georgia who has accrued 2.3 million followers on the platform.

He not too long ago moved to New York and launched a YouTube channel too the place has has 115,000 followers.

Axel not too long ago utilized for New York’s main performing arts faculty Juilliard, and has gone viral after receiving some devastating information.

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Axel will get denied from Juilliard

On January ninth, Axel took to TikTok to disclose that he was going for an audition at Juilliard and mentioned he was “nervous and excited”.

He documented the whole course of on the video-sharing app earlier than revealing that he felt like he “botched” the audition.

“The guy gave me absolutely no reaction. He just stared, right into my soul. He didn’t even say anything until he said ‘thanks’ and then joined the other breakout room in the Zoom call,” he mentioned.

Then, on Monday (January tenth), he posted a “final Juilliard update” during which he revealed the devastating information that he had been rejected from the varsity.

He confirmed the rejection e mail which mentioned: “Dear Axel, on behalf of the Juilliard division, thank you for your interest in our program and for sharing your talent with the faculty.”

“As you are already aware due to our callback process, you are no longer in consideration for admission for fall 2022,” it continued.

“We gave it our best shot, which is the only thing we can do. Now we’re gonna have to find a different way to be an actor,” Axel mentioned dishearteningly.

Fans are reassuring him

In the feedback, followers are devastated for Axel however have been reassuring him that every thing might be okay.

One particular person wrote: “They will regret this.”

“Don’s stress about this. You’ll find your place, keep going,” mentioned one other.

A 3rd particular person added: “The comeback will be crazy. They gone regret doing this my boy.”

“Bro please don’t let this stop you. Adam Driver didn’t get in first time,” wrote one other.

Another mentioned: “Their loss king.”

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Hype House | Official Trailer | Netflix



Hype House | Official Trailer | Netflix





Charlie Puth offers Axel recommendation

Singer Charlie Puth, who was additionally rejected by the Juilliard School, commented on Axel’s video, saying: “Hey friend…I also didn’t get into Juilliard … but things ended up being just fine for me. I cried too.”

Then, he posted his personal video during which he gave the TikTok star some recommendation.

“Not only did I not get into Juilliard but I didn’t get into five of these prestigious schools that I wanted to get into that I thought would better my career,” he mentioned.

“While I do think school is great and I didn’t end up going to Berkeley, prestigious conservatory for the arts is not going to be the thing that defines your career as an actor,” the singer added.

“It certainly wasn’t the only and most important thing that made my career happen. We experience rejection every day of our lives, and as hard as it is to swallow in the moment, it’s the thing that pushes you further creatively.”

“It pushes my music, and it’s gonna push your acting as well. so you Axel do not need to worry at all, I like your videos a lot, there’s something very special about you,” he concluded.

“And I like your tiny apartment. You’re gonna be okay bro I promise,” he added.

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