BPJS disbursement at BNI, Mandiri, BRI, BCA, BJB and BTN Banks


BPJS disbursement at BRI, BNI, Mandiri, Bukopin, BCA, BJB and BTN banks could possibly be the exact various do you have to on a regular basis fail to get a queue amount at BPJS on-line.

With this BPJS Service Point Office service, you not need to come again to the BPJS Employment office, or register on-line. You solely need to come again on to the banks that cooperate, much like BRI, BNI, Mandiri, Bukopin, BCA, BJB and BTN, bringing the required requirements.

As talked about throughout the earlier article, when you’re nonetheless working, have resigned or been laid off, chances are you’ll disburse the BPJS Employment JHT (Old Age Security), as long as you meet the requirements.

For workers who’re nonetheless working, the disbursement of JHT BPJS Ketenagakerjaan could also be disbursed by 10% and 30%. With the state of affairs that the age of participation has reached 10 years.

Disbursement can solely be chosen one, 10% or 30% solely. 10% for retirement preparation funds and 30% for housing costs.

After making one in every of many 10% or 30% disbursements, the following disbursement could also be 100% nonetheless on the state of affairs that you simply’re not working (resigned or laid off).

Then for these of you who want to disburse JHT BPJS Employment by 10% or 30%, then it’s a should to be prepared with the making use of of progressive taxes that must be borne.

Progressive tax imposed from 5% to 30%, listed beneath are the small print;

  • If the JHT stability is beneath IDR 50 million: 5% tax is imposed.
  • Then if the JHT stability is between Rp. 50 million to Rp. 250 million, the tax cost is elevated, significantly 15%.
  • Meanwhile, in case your JHT stability is between Rp. 250 million to Rp. 500 million, the tax is 25%.
  • It is completely totally different if the JHT stability has reached higher than half a billion, then the tax cost is 30%.
  • However, if the worker not at all withdraws the JHT although it has reached 10 years of membership, regardless of the JHT stability, when he needs to withdraw it, a 5% tax will in all probability be imposed.

If you’re not working, resign or lay off: Disbursement of the JHT stability could also be disbursed 100% you in all probability haven’t labored for 1 month and BPJSTK card membership has been deactivated. Regarding the deactivation of this card, the HRD has paid the ultimate dues and has reported it to the registered BPJSTK division office.

disbursement of BPJS at the bank
Illustration: The queue for BPJS Employment contributors/Sripoku.com

BPJS Disbursement Requirements on the Bank

Basically, the required paperwork for searching for BPJS Employment funds for workers who’re nonetheless working or not working, are almost the similar, with the following particulars:

  • Photocopy of BPJS Employment card along with the distinctive card
  • Photocopy of ID card or passport along with exhibiting the distinctive sort
  • Photocopy of Family Card (KK) along with the distinctive
  • Copy of Account Book
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For these which can be nonetheless working there are further paperwork:

  • Certificate of nonetheless actively working in a housing-related doc agency (for claims that are 30%)

For these which can be normally not working there are further requirements:

  • A letter of resignation from the company or a letter of labor experience/work reference from the company (Paklaring).

How to Disburse BPJS at BRI, BNI, Mandiri, Bukopin, BCA, BJB and BTN

  • Come to banks that work with BPJS Employment, much like BRI, BNI, Mandiri, Bukopin, BCA, BJB and BTN by bringing the requirements which have been reviewed above.
  • However, sooner than coming to the monetary establishment division office, please confirm with the closest BPJS Employment division office first so that you’ll be assisted in checking the place the closest monetary establishment division office has collaborated with BPJSTK. The trigger is that not all monetary establishment division locations of labor can disburse JHT funds.

Locations for BPJS disbursement at a lot of collaborating banks:

    • BPJS Disbursement Locations at BRI: BPJS Employment disbursement could also be submitted on the closest BRI Branch Office or Sub-Branch Office.
    • BPJS Disbursement Locations at BNI: Disbursement of BPJS Employment claims can solely be completed at two BNI SPO (Service Point Office) division areas, significantly BNI Rawamangun and Tangerang branches.
      • BNI KCU Rawamangun: Jl. Pemuda No.708-709, RT.8/RW.5, Jati, Kec. Pulo Gadung, East Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 13220
      • BNI KCU Tangerang: Jl. Daan Mogot Road No.2-4, Sukarasa, Tangerang, Tangerang, Banten 15111.
    • Location of BPJS Disbursement at BTN: In all BTN Main and Sub-branch locations of labor on operational days, Monday to Friday, 08.00 – 15.30.
    • Location of BPJS Disbursement at Bank Mandiri:
      • Jakarta Cempaka Putih Permai, Cempaka Putih Permai Blok A No. 20-21, Jl. Lt. Gen. Suprapto, Central Jakarta (021) 4203363
      • Jakarta Daan Mogot, Jl. Daan Mogot Complex Area Wijaya Kusumah KM 3, West Jakarta(021) 56961890
      • Jakarta Dewi Sartika, Jl. Dewi Sartika No.184 A, Cawang, East Jakarta (021) 8094754-5
    • Location of BPJS Disbursement at Bank BJB:
      • KCP (Sub-Branch Office) Cempaka Mas
      • KCP Fatmawati
      • KCP Fatmawati 2
      • KCP Pulogebang
      • KCP Klender
      • KCP Kelapa Gading
      • KCP Pasar Minggu
      • KCPRawamangun
      • KCK (Special Branch Office) Kebayoran Baru
      • KCP Green Village
      • KCP Puri
      • KCP Depok
      • KCP Subang Perumnas Raya
      • KCP Bekasi Cibitung
      • KCP Tambun
      • KCP Leuwi Liang Cileungsi
      • KCP West Bandung Regency
      • Majalengka Regency KCP
      • KCP Garut Karacak
      • KCP Banjar City
      • KCP Pelabuhan Ratu
      • KCP Pasar Kemis
      • KCP Cikupa
      • KCP Cilegon
      • KCP Cikande
      • Labuan KCP
      • KCP Lebak
    • Location of BPJS Disbursement at Bank BCA: Regarding disbursement by way of the SPO monetary establishment, for now BCA doesn’t cooperate with BPJS Ketenagakerjaan. So you possibly can’t withdraw JHT BPJS Employment at BCA monetary establishment.
    • Location of BPJS disbursement at BRI and Mandiri banks for each province:
      Province Branch Office Name and Address, BRI and Mandiri
      Banda Aceh BRI KC Banda Aceh, BRI Building First and Second Floor, Jl. Cut Meutia
      No. 17 Banda Aceh. Tel: (0651) 22900 (looking out),
      7410714, 32929, 33869, 23577, 32587

      North Sumatra

      BRI KC Medan Putri Hijau, Jl. Green Princess No. 2, district. West Medan,
      Medan. Tel: (061) 4576686, 4526555
      Bank Mandiri Medan Branch Zainul Arifin, Jl. Imam Bonjol No. 16 D Medan


      BRI KC Pekanbaru Sudirman, Jl. Gen. Sudirman No. 316, Pekanbaru. Tel: (0761) 33444, 33643, 31733, 33511, 38395
      Bank Mandiri Pekanbaru Branch A Yani, Jl. Gen. Ahmad Yani No. 85 Pekanbaru. Tel: (0761) 24888

      South Sumatra

      BRI KC Palembang A. Riva’i, Jl. Captain A. Rivai No. 15, Palembang. Tel: (0711) 320071, 364081
      BRI KC Lubuk Linggau, Jl. Yos Sudarso No.92, Lubuk Linggau. Tel: (0733) 323254, 323256, 323447
      Bank Mandiri Palembang Arief Branch, Jl. Captain A. Rivai No. 27 Palembang

      West Java

      BRI KC Bandung A. Yani, Jl Ahmad Yani no. 276, Bandung. Tel: (022) 7270277
      BRI KC Sumedang, Jl. Prabu Geusan Ulun No. 10, Sumedang. Tel: (0261) 201556, 20123, 201263, 207401
      BRI KC Cibadak, Jl Siliwangi No. 93.A Cibadak. Tel: (0266) 531106, 531376, 531810
      Bank Mandiri Bekasi Juanda Branch, Jl. Ir. H Juanda No. 155 Bekasi

      DKI Jakarta

      BRI KC Rawamangun, Jl Pemuda Kav 78 A‐B, Rawamangun, East Jakarta. Tel: (021) 4714719, 4714559
      BRI KC Jatinegara, Jl Raya Jatinegara Timur IV/448. Tel: (021) 8506400, 8516471
      BRI KC Tanjung Priok, Jl Yos Sudarso No. 1 Tg ​​Priok, North Jakarta. Tel: (021) 4300381, 419875, 4300161
      BRI KC Palmerah, Jl Palmerah Barat No 43 A, Kebayoran Lama, South Jkt. Tel: (021) 53653145
      Bank Mandiri Jakarta Branch Rawamangun Balai Pustaka, Mega Indah Shophouse Complex Blok A3, Jl. Balai Pustaka Timur No. 39, Rawamangun


      BRI KC Tangerang A. Yani, Jl. Gen. Ahmad Yani No.4, Tangerang. Tel: (021) 5520789, 5524257, 5515914, 5523611
      Bank Mandiri Tangerang Kisamaun Branch, Jl Kisamaun No 214 Tangerang

      Central Java

      BRI KC Kudus, Jl Jend Sudirman No 66 Kudus. Tel: (0291) 432060, 432086, 431868
      BRI KC Semarang Pandanaran, Jl Pandanaran No. 75 Semarang . Tel: (024) 8412418, 8411918, 8414349
      Bank Mandiri Semarang Patrajasa Branch, Jl. Sisingamangaraja No. 8 Semarang
      In Yogyakarta BRI KC Yogya Cik Ditiro, Jl. Cik Ditiro No.3, Yogyakarta. Tel: (0274) 520261/2, 512406.561935
      East Java BRI KC Banyuwangi, Jl Jend A. Yani No 12 Banyuwangi. Tel: (0333) 424888, 412700, 421444, 427069
      BRI KC Kediri, Jl. KJP Slamet A N0. 35‐37, Kediri. Tel: (0354)773307
      BRI KC Surabaya Kapas Krampung, Jl. Krampung cotton no 200-200A,
      Surabaya. Tel: (031) 5011487
      Bank Mandiri Surabaya Youth Branch, Jl. Youth No. 27‐31 Surabaya
      East Kalimantan BRI KC Samarinda, Jl. Gajah Mada No. 1, Samarinda. Tel: (0541)742562, 741651, 20131 7/18
      South Kalimantan Bank Mandiri Banjarmasin Branch A Yani, Jl. Achmad Yani Km 2 No. 188 Banjarmasin
      South Sulawesi Bank Mandiri Makassar Kartini Branch, Jl. RA Kartini No. 12‐14 Makassar
      North Sulawesi Bank Mandiri Manado Branch Datu Lolong, Jl. Dotulolong Lasut No. 15 Manado
      Bali Bank Mandiri Denpasar Merdeka Branch, Nitimandala Finance Building, Jl. Dr. Kusumaatmaja, Renon
    • For totally different location particulars, please contact the monetary establishment concerned!

Frequently Asked Questions About Disbursement of JHT BPJS Employment

  • Does the web BPJS Employment JHT disbursement should be on the division office that matches the KTP deal with or domicile? Disbursement of the JHT stability could also be completed at any BPJS Employment division office.
  • How to know how lots JHT BPJS stability is, how do you do it? You can go to the BPJSTKU web page at https://sso.bpjsketenagakerjaan.go.id. If you don’t have an account, please “Register user” first. After your account is vigorous, chances are you’ll confirm your BPJS stability. Details of how, you may even see proper right here.
  • I don’t have a BPJS Employment card, so what must I do? If you don’t have a bodily BPJS Employment card, chances are you’ll print your digital BPJS card, the technique could also be seen proper right here.
  • How prolonged does it take to disburse BPJS Employment funds on the Bank? disbursement of BPJS Employment funds is commonly a most of about 14 days (Funds will in all probability be despatched to your account amount that you simply simply registered)
  • What if the cardboard is misplaced? Don’t concern, chances are you’ll confirm the reply proper right here!
  • I’ve two BPJS taking part in playing cards, the first is inactive, whereas the alternative stays to be vigorous, can the inactive card stability be blended with the vigorous card stability? You can, if thought of one in every of your BPJS Employment taking part in playing cards stays to be vigorous, aka you’re nonetheless working, chances are you’ll merge or amalgamate, it’s very straightforward. Check the small print proper right here!
  • Can the account amount to acquire BPJS stability use one other particular person’s account amount? The account e guide is required to be in its private establish, and any checking account may be used.
  • If my office can’t current the Paklaring letter, what must I do? Regarding the making use of for disbursement, you will want to attach a paklaring. However, if the company has closed, please search the recommendation of with the closest BPJS Employment office.

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