Bob Dow Murder: Where Are Jennifer Jones and Bobbi Jo Smith Now?


In 2004, community of Mineral Wells, Texas, observed a dreadful case when Bob Dow was found killed inside his individual house. Although Bob cohabited with his mother, she was left unhurt, and the authorities recognized they had actually a problematic murder examination on their fingers. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Twisted Love: Love and Hot Lead’ narrates the hideous murder and depicts just how investigators presented the wrongdoers to justice. Let’s dive in and uncover out additional, allows?

How Did Bob Dow Die?

A citizen of Mineral Wells, Texas, Bob Dow was 49-years-old on the moment of the case. While next-door neighbors spoke about that Bob lived along with his troubling mother and dealt with her, some declared that his house was normally utilized as a place to host in a solitary day occasions. People that recognized Bob firmly insisted that his house was abounded by young people and more youthful grownups throughout the day, and there have actually been a variety of claims of substance abuse and tool property, based on today. However, these problems never got to the ears of authorities, that made Bob’s unexpected death every one of the additional unusual.

On May 5, 2004, 911 drivers acquired information regarding an achievable murder in a community Mineral Wells house. When very first -responders got to the scene, they found Bob mendacity pointless on his cushion. At very first appearance, Bob provided the impact to be totally bare, and health and wellness employees saw a variety of gunfire injuries on his body. Detectives also found his mother within the adjacent area nevertheless had actually been surprised to discover she remained in a whole state of disregard.

In reality, it was rather noticeable that Bob’s mother was left on her individual most of the time and had not been also provided right nutrients to continue to be wholesome. On the contrary hand, a rapid search of the criminal offense scene suggested no signal of obliged entrance. However, the authorities observed that Bob’s vehicle was doing not have from the storage space. Moreover, an post-mortem later on chose that the 49-year-old had actually endured a variety of gunfire injuries, which brought about his passing away.

Who Killed Bob Dow?

The initial examination right into Bob Dow’s murder was rather hard since the authorities really did not have lots of leads or witnesses to collaborate with. While a search of the criminal offense scene controlled out house-training as an intention, the authorities had actually made certain that someone with within information eliminated the 49-year-old. However, after they wondered about Bob’s associates, a lot of them spoke in relation to the occasions held at Bob’s house, nevertheless they declared he really did not have actually any type of acknowledged opponents.

Jennifer Jones

During the examination, the authorities recognized that 18-year-old Jennifer Lynn Jones and 19-year-old Bobbi Jo Smith lived together with Bob and his mother. In reality, it was discussed on today that Bob was the stepfather of Bobbi Jo’s kid dad, and she or he later on firmly insisted that he was the one dad identified in her life. Nevertheless, in maintaining with authorities, Bobbi Jo arranged a great deal of the occasions at Bob’s house, and the youngsters that participated in these events worried themselves in substance abuse and various deadly activities.

Interestingly, the authorities originally thought that Bobbi Jo was taking advantage of Bob’s friendliness, nevertheless they promptly discovered a threatening and unusual reason. They recognized that Bob actually permitted Bobbi Jo to hold such occasions as an outcome of she wound up bringing lots of teen ladies to the house. In reality, Bob was also a ready individual in these events, as she shared his blade and tools with the youngsters and presumably took reveal video. On prime of it, today discussed that he would normally attract and rest with a few of these more youthful ladies.

The authorities promptly discovered that the trouble started when Bob fanciedJennifer He shared a requirement to rest with each other with her and would certainly also reach to relocate dirtied comments throughout the day. Jennifer, that remained in a devoted connection with Bobbi Jo, turned down Bob’s breakthroughs originally nevertheless promptly purchased irritated along with his makes an effort. Moreover, each Jennifer and Bobbi Jo thought that Bob was trying to divide them forever. Thus, chose to disagree right into her individual fingers, Bobbi Jo obtained a weapon and commended her sweetheart.

In turn, Jennifer acquired near Bob earlier than catching him a variety of circumstances, leading to his passing away. Immediately after the murder, Bobbi Jo and Jennifer left to the latter’s house, the location they exposed all of it to the 18-year-old’s mother and sis. Although the pair was recommended to return clear, they figured out to escape, and Jennifer’s sis, Audrey Sawyer, accompanied them to the city of Buckeye,Arizona However, Audrey was left in Buckeye, and the authorities inevitably overtook the suspects in Blythe, California.

Where Are Jennifer Jones and Bobbi Jo Smith Now?

When created in court docket, Jennifer Jones begged liable to the murder of Bob Dow and was punished to 40 years behind bars in 2005. Besides, she really thought that Bobbi Jo Smith drove her in instructions of dedicating murder, that made Jennifer indicate in the direction of her previous fan at her test. Subsequently, Bobbi Jo Smith was founded guilty on a solitary depend of murder and punished to 50 years behind bars in 2005.

Bobbi Jo Smith

At present, Jennifer remains behind bars on the Christina Melton Crain Unit in Gatesville, Texas, whereas Bobbi Jo is put behind bars on the Mountain View Unit in the similar place. Moreover, prison info state that Jennifer will be qualified for parole in 2028, and Bobbi Jo might have her very first parole paying attention to in 2029. Interestingly, each ladies showed up on the Investigation Discovery existing, and whereas Jennifer firmly insisted that she was never crazy with Bobbi Jo, the latter stated that they aren’t touching each other.

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