Bishop Oyedepo Reveals Who Named Living Faith Church And When It Was Named


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Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide spoke to his members at September 2022 Leadership Empowerment Summit. He spoke about just a bit historic previous of the church and acknowledged, “I am glad to announce to you that what people celebrate about this commission today is nothing but a manifestation of divine presence and that is going back home with you today.”

While talking about who names their church, he acknowledged, “It is a name named by God and everyone in this boat is ordained to be a lifelong winning believer. The last battle you lost is the last you will ever lose in life. I wanted you to be aware of where we are and what it takes to maximize it.”

According to him, The determine ‘Living Faith’ and ‘Winning Faith’ obtained right here on the similar day which is October 1st 1884 the similar day. “The living faith,” He acknowledged “is the winning faith and the winning faith is the faith of God”. So they don’t appear to be bearing the determine as an accolade. He then study the e guide of Isaiah 62:2-4 which says, “And the Gentiles shall see thy righteousness, and all kings thy glory: and thou shalt be called by a new name, which the mouth of the Lord shall name.”


However, on July fifteenth 1996, God acknowledged, “I have made Lagos your first headquarters from where you will shake your world.” That is God speaking though nothing was shaking wherever then. God extra acknowledged, “Build with me a people to be envied, a people of attraction, a people of honour, and by them, I will storm the world”. “You didn’t wander here, He brought you here. May His agenda for bringing you here be fully realized in your life,” Bishop Oyedepo knowledgeable his members.

God moreover acknowledged, “Build with a people of depth, a revolutionary army by the depth of revelation and by them I will take this world by storms. I have given you the people, now build them with me. Give them purpose, let them have access to My purpose, and impact vision into them from the Word. School them into exploits, and get them to do it right. Release them into their destinies, praise becomes your personal asset and you take away a lifestyle of praise from here, it becomes a personal asset you are just triumphing gloriously by accepting such instructions.”

Finally, He acknowledged, “walk with me my son as I raise a new generation of saints by your hands”. (So what has in no way occurred sooner than is what God meant). I’ll begin to make them happen by your arms. So watch out, don’t go asleep. Beware of religious slumber.”

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