Billy Shuler Murder: Where Is Anthony Maresca Now?


When Billy Shuler was actually shown up skipping in May 2014, the authorities alleviated it as a basic skipping individual file. However, the situation activated its own mind when distressing documentation very soon prompted in the direction of a cooling murder. Investigation Discovery’s ‘The Murder Tapes: Frenzy’ narrates Billy’s grievous homicide as well as demonstrates how appropriate fact-finding methods, in addition to innovation, assisted take the killer to fair treatment. Let’s dig deeper in to the particulars of the situation as well as learn where the wrongdoer goes to existing, shall our team?

How Did Billy Shuler Die?

At the moment of the homicide, Billy Shuler was actually 69 years old. He stayed in Homosassa, Florida, alongside his spouse as well as was actually rather appreciated in the area. A retired minister, Billy likewise enjoyed gathering pieces as well as frequently found the rarest ones coming from numerous collection agencies. Little performed he recognize that his pastime would certainly lead him to his fatality.

Shortly prior to the carnage, Billy Shuler discovered a piece dealership as well as considered to consult with him. On May 21, 2014, at around 11 am he got out of his residence, planning to explore the piece dealership. His spouse eventually stated that Billy was actually intended to come back as well as take her to a Bath as well as Body Works look for some buying. However, her spouse appeared to have actually disappeared in to slim sky, as well as no quantity of phone calls as well as text messages dealt with to reach him. Filled along with stress, Billy’s spouse mentioned her spouse to become skipping.

Billy Shuler Murder: Where Is Anthony Maresca Now?
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When the police began investigating, they treated it like a typical missing person case and began organizing searches for Billy. The following day, officers discovered his abandoned vehicle in a Pasco County industrial park. While investigating the car, the police found numerous bullet casings which pointed at a possible shootout. Traces of blood were also discovered at the site, strengthening the shootout theory.

Determined to find Billy’s body, the investigators used the GPS from his car to locate his recently visited areas. They focused their searches on those places and, on May 23, were able to locate Billy Shuler’s body in a small forest in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Billy was declared dead on-site, and a medical examination determined the cause of death to be a gunshot wound to the head. Moreover, the police also considered a robbery angle Billy’s cash appeared to be missing.

Who Killed Billy Shuler?

Through the investigation, the police found out that Billy was supposed to meet a supposed coin dealer called Anthony Maresca at a storage unit in Holiday, Florida. Maresca became a prime suspect, and the investigation focused on him. Further proof about him being involved in the crime emerged when police discovered that a fingerprint left in Billy’s blood was a perfect match to Maresca. However, before authorities could question Maresca, he got wind of the investigation against him and fled.

Confident of evading the police, Maresca kept changing locations and spent his nights at several motels in Pasco and Pinellas Counties. Moreover, he also went on a crazed crime spree and left a series of bank robberies in his wake. Reports say that in a time span of six months beginning towards the end of 2014, Maresca robbed eight banks in the two counties. His MO always consisted of wearing a disguise and threatening the bank teller at gunpoint before getting away with the money.

His crimes finally caught up to him in June 2015 when the police managed to track him down. Maresca was promptly arrested and charged with the bank robberies. With the robberies being investigated by the FBI, Maresca was awaiting his federal trial when authorities managed to build a case against him for his involvement in Billy’s slaying. Thus, while still in prison, Maresca was indicted for Billy Shuler’s murder.

Where Is Anthony Maresca Now?

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