Bhagya Lakshmi 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Terrorist Mohnish advices Rishi


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The Episode begins with Balwinder holding Lakshmi’s hand. Shalu comes there and hits Balwinder with a rod, asking how dare he to carry her sister’s hand. Balwinder says I had come correct proper right here to assist Lakshmi and asks Shalu to make her perceive. Lakshmi asks why did you come correct proper right here shalu, it’s most interesting to have been with Bani. Shalu says Ayush and Chachi are collectively collectively together with her. She says I’ll embrace you to jiju. Balwinder says Rishi wishes assist, how he’ll current you the way one can. Lakshmi and Shalu push Balwinder and run away. Balwinder says you each shall die. Dadi and Devika come to the courtroom docket. Dadi says let me go inside as my household is there. She asks ACP, when everybody will come out. ACP says in a short while and asks her to go away, as terrorists might shoot the gun. The reporter asks Dadi how is she feeling, as her household is inside. Dadi asks the way in which you’ll really actually really feel in such a scenario. Devika asks him to ask appropriate dedication. Rano tells Bani that they’re trapped attributable to Lakshmi. Ayush asks Inspector to know that his Mother, Brother, and others are inside, and asks him to let him go inside. He tries to take his gun. Inspector says do it’s important to take it, then the terrorists obtained’t present you an opportunity, and would possibly shoot you. Ayush and Bani pushes the Inspector and run. Rano goes behind them.

Abhay asks Malishka if she is afraid of Balwinder’s menace. Malishka says if Balwinder tells Rishi, Virender or Neelam, then? Abhay says he obtained’t take hazard to go there, as they’re captive by the terrorists. Malishka thinks to do one issue to develop to be heroine in Neelam’s sight. She says Lakshmi tried to develop to be good by saving Neelam, and she or he might also do such difficulty. Abhay says you need to go to terrorists. Malishka says if Balwinder tells the actual fact. She says I need to develop to be good in Neelam aunty’s sight, and would possibly do one factor for my 3 in 1 goal. Sonia, Karishma and Kiran come up from their hideout and see Malishka going. Malishka thinks she goes to develop to be good in Neelam’s sight as rapidly as she do one issue. They see Malishka going, after which Shalu and Lakshmi furthermore going. Sonia says Lakshmi and Shalu is possibly working away. Shalu asks Lakshmi if we’re doing the precise difficulty. Sonia tells Karishma that they shall run behind them. Kiran says there’s possibly a motive that they’re working. They see Ayush, Rano and Bani working from there. Kiran says we’ll go behind, we’ll the equal future as them. Bani asks Rano to return once more with them, as there’s an opportunity of survival. Rano goes behind them. Karishma, Sonia and kiran are working behind them.

Mohnish asks Balram if he made everybody perceive what to do? Balram says everybody is prepared inside and open air. Mohnish says our goal was decide prior to, nonetheless now Rishi and his household obtained proper right here correct proper right here. He says we’ll take some revenue and make modifications in our plan. Balram asks what? Mohnish shares his plan collectively collectively along with his terrorists. Malishka comes inside and opens the rope to free Neelam’s hand. Rishi asks why did you come correct proper right here? Malishka says I used to be anxious, and that’s why I obtained proper right here correct proper right here. Neelam says I knew that you just’ll come correct proper right here, and that’s why you’re my selection as you keep us a whole lot. Virender asks if that’s the time to say all this, and says they shall run. They attempt to depart silently.

Dadi tells Devika that Neha is possibly alone at residence, and needs to be involved. Neha is in auto and thinks if terrorists kill her mom, then what she goes to do. She thinks Bani and Shalu are furthermore there. Devika says Neha should know by now. Dadi says I’ll discuss to her. Devika calls her. Neha thinks my band could also be carried out. Her telephone rings. She checks Devika’s title and asks if everyone seems to be okay. Dadi is on title and tells that she is Rishi’s Dadi. Dadi asks her to not fear and says your Mummy….Neha says my Mother and begins crying. Dadi says your Mummy is okay and could also be inconceivable, asks her to notion God and be hopeful. Neha says thank god. Dadi ends the selection and tells Devika that she shouldn’t be clever like Shalu and Bani. Rishi and his household are about to go away, when Mohnish throws knife on the door. Everybody stops.

The terrorists ship them as soon as extra. Mohnish warns Rishi and others, and asks who’s she? He asks what number of ladies you’ve bought in your life, one gharwali and one baharwali. Neelam says my son’s values are usually not like that. Mohnish holds Malishka by her hair. He asks if she must suicide. Malishka shouts Rishi. Rishi asks Mohnish to go away her. The terrorist tells that they shall reduce his hand. Rishi fights with them. Mohnish says he shall present the shortage of life sight to everybody, first to Rishi. He shoots at Rishi. Lakshmi comes there and pushes Rishi, takes bullet on her hand. She writhes in ache. Rishi seems at her and may get shocked. He kicks Mohnish and tells Lakshmi that her hand is bleeding. Lakshmi asks in case you occur to’re inconceivable. Mohnish says you was appropriate Rishi Oberoi, I believed she don’t love you, nonetheless she was about to produce her life for you. He says you’re very fortunate to get such a companion, don’t take a look at any outsider girl. Malishka needs if she’s going to get the gun then will kill Lakshmi. Rishi tears his tee and ties the material on Lakshmi’s damage. Lakshmi says I’m inconceivable.

Rishi says if the bullet had hit one other place. Lakshmi says if it had hit you. Rishi says you frequently take into consideration me, you shall take into consideration your self too. He says if one issue had occurred to you, then what would have occurred to me. Lakshmi says if one issue had occurred to you then what would have occur to me. Rishi says that’s your draw back, you in no way settle in your mistake. Lakshmi says what did I do, I obtained proper right here infront on account of the bullet would possibly hit you. Rishi asks her to consider herself too. Mohnish says you’re bigger than her personal life, and asks what number of proofs she shall give? He asks them to not say one factor and says you’re speaking infront of terrorists who’re having weapons. He says do it’s important to say a phrase then I’ll kill Lakshmi. Rishi grabs his collar and says I’ll kill you. Ayush, Shalu and Bani come there. Ayush says hit him. Everybody begin beating the terrorists. Shalu slaps the terrorist.

Ayush appears to be impressed with. Shalu hits the terrorists and hits Ayush mistakenly. Ayush says she is robust. They battle with the terrorists. Rishi asks Lakshmi if she is okay. Lakshmi says sure. She hits the terrorist who assault Rishi. Rishi says that’s assault, you shall defend. Lakshmi hits the terrorist as quickly as further and says I attacked to defend you. Rishi says I’ll assault and likewise you’ll defend. He asks Ayush to take everybody out, by way of the damaged wall behind the courtroom docket. Ayush says okay. Rishi asks Decide and others to return once more out. Ayush wears the terrorists masks and takes his rifle. He asks everybody to return once more behind him. The exact terrorist comes infront of them. Virender asks Ayush to watch out. The terrorist asks the place you take them. Ayush says I’m going to lock them in a single completely different room, as a result of it’s order of Rishi bhai. He then says dangerous Mohnish bhai. The Terrorist asks him to take them. Rishi comes as soon as extra and sees Sonia, Karishma there. Mohnish and Balram come up, and goal gun at Rishi.

Precap: Rishi and Lakshmi see one another from the fallacious means. Malishka tells Balwinder that Lakshmi doesn’t love Rishi as she trusts him, nonetheless due to she has taken 7 rounds with him. she believes that she has 7 births relation with him and wears mangalsutra of Rishi’s title, so named him on her title. Rishi retains his brow on Lakshmi’s brow and tells that he hugged her in order that the ache inside her, shall come to him. Lakshmi rests her head on his shoulder. Balwinder thinks to interrupt her mangalsutra into objects. He says I’ll see Lakshmi turns into of whom, of Rishi or Balwinder sood. He wears the masks and entails Rishi and Lakshmi.

Replace Credit score to: H Hasan

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