Barrister Babu, Latest Episode 31st August 2021 Written Update, Anirudh and Bondita Marry Soon


The latest episode of Barrister Babu, August 31, begins when Anidita is actually operating in a wedding celebration functionality through servers and our company observe that Anirudh is actually holding a big-time on his shoulder to do away with and he will collapse yet Bondita sustain him. Anirudh receives pleased after finding this and Bondita assists him.

Barrister Babu, Latest Episode 31st August 2021 Written Update, Anirudh and Bondita Marry Soon

Suddenly, one gal concerns Bondita and mentions that Thakuma is actually phoning her and they each acquire surprised. That gal contains the palm Bondita and takes her inside a space. Anirudh observes her and translucents a home window and desires to observe that who is actually Thakuma.

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One old woman remaining on an office chair and Bondita contacts Thakuma without finding her skin. That gal transforms and mentions that she is actually certainly not an outdated Thakuma and she is actuallyKali Bondita says sorry to her for calling herThakuma Kali mentions that she is actually still lovely and kids are actually outrageous for her.

Bondita mentions that she acquired surprised after paying attention to her label asThakuma Kali inquires Bondita’s label and Bondita responds that she is actuallyRani Kali supports her palm and relocates her hands on her hand. Kali suggests that she appears like a true queen therefore, why performed she come to be a housemaid. Laboni mentions that Thakuma recognizes astrology. Kali mentions that she is actually a housemaid yet she is actually a still queen in her fanatic’s eyes.

Bondita experiences reluctant and Anirudh receives pleased after hearing this. Kali inquires her to tidy every little thing and Bondita leaves behind coming from there. On the opposite, Sumati inquires Chandrachur and Thakuma that they performed certainly not locate Bondita however.

Thakuma mentions that our company can not locate all of them and they create our company believe reluctant before every person and she will certainly be actually disciplined. Sumati mentions that she has actually needed me for life-time. She snapped on her and mentions that she can not be myBondita Sumati refuses taking her and breathers all the associations along with Bondita.

On the opposite, the Priest concerns Kali and Kali mentions that have actually prepped every little thing for the grandchild due to the fact that she will relationship tomorrow. The clergyman mentions that tomorrow’s time is actually also fortunate that any person may marry.

Bondita listens closely to every little thing and Anidita determines to marry tomorrow. Bondita requests for the great things of Sumati and Anirudh carry a telephone for her and requests for phone call her mommy. She contacts her yet decision is actually decided on through Tupur.

Bondita requests for Sumati and Tupur creates justification and mentions that she is actually chatting along with her loved ones. Anirudh likewise contacts his property and requests for great things coming fromSampoorna She talks the practices to him and Anirudh mentions that the relationship is going to be actually a recognition forBondita Anirudh and Bondita check out one another and Anirudh assures to marry her soon. The Episode Ends.