Barrister Babu, 1st September 2021 Written Update, Chandrachur Sees Bondita & & Anirudh


We are actually back along with the most up to date written incident of Barrister Babu, September 1, 2021, where Bondita and also Anirudh have actually broken away coming from their property and also every person is actually looking for all of them yet they have actually reached out to Chandan Nagar to the somebody else wedding celebration and also there Bondita complied with Thakuma that is actually one more female of the town whose referred to as Kali.

Barrister Babu, 1st September 2021 Written Update, Chandrachur Sees Bondita & & Anirudh

Now, the condition has actually deteriorated for all of them and also they are actually heading to wed asap. Anirudh and also Bondita listened to that the time is actually very excellent to wed and also they made a decision that they will definitely wed on the exact same time when the relationship of the groom and bride will definitely be actually kept.

Now, the incident begins along with Bondita begins to dance to receive the attendees. Anirudh views her while dance and also most recent, Anirudh takes her someplace where they each one another. Anirudh and also Bondita both administer Haldi to every various other and also receive intimate meanwhile.

Suddenly, they listen to the noise of Laboni sobbing and also go right here to check out. Laboni states that she wished her sibling to join a wedding celebration and also he is her only sibling. If he declines ahead right here therefore, that will definitely lug Palanquin for her. Kali has actually certainly not satisfied her aspirations. Kali notifications Anirudh and also phones him.

She inquires her to use pagadi and also inquires him to end up being a bro of Laboni since her legislations do not find out about his sibling. Laboni states that it can not occur and also she goes coming from there. Bondita sees that Kali talks to Anirudh to carry out all the habits rather than Laboni’s sibling and also can not view rips in Laboni’s eyes.

Bondita states to Anirudh that he ends up being a bro therefore, they can be entraped. Bondita wishes that Laboni’s sibling joins the relationship therefore, Anirudh does not need to perform this dramatization.

On the opposite side, Tupur talks to Chandrachur to join the wedding celebration since her legislations are actually emphasizing all of them to join the relationship. Chandrachur believes that Tupur does not prefer that he needs to look for Bondita for that reason, she is actually making an effort to interact him in various other jobs. Chandrachur contacts Laboni that he is actually concerning her wedding celebration and also she obtains satisfied after paying attention to this.

Tupur believes that Chadrachur will definitely be actually active at the wedding celebration and also Bondita is going to progress coming from all of them and also once more, she can easily gain the affection ofChandrachur He states to Laboni that Tupur is actually certainly not happening since she is actually bad and also Tupur obtains surprised after hearing this.

Later, Bondita sees a goal where Chadrachur fires Anirudh and also all of a sudden, she gets out of bed and also caress him. She states that she can not live without him and also she hoped poorly. Anirudh inquires her to certainly not to fret and also a person phones her and also her saree obtains stuck toAnirudh Anirudh states that it is actually an indication that our team are actually heading to live all together. They receive intimate and also grins. The Episode Ends.