Are You The One Season 9: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?


Since ‘Are You The One?‘ first aired in 2014, the present has stored garnering followers who merely can’ t obtain adequate of its distinct mix of dramatization, love, and also intrigue. The challenges that the matched-up {pairs} must undertake as a means to uncover the certain individual indicated for them only contribute to the tourist attraction of the realitydating existing. Season 9 of the Paramount+ series was no completely various, due to the fact that the not as well lengthy ago released model of the social experiment has actually remained to acquire tremendous love from the visitors. Naturally, lots of people pry regarding just the area the season 9 created participants are today and also which {pairs} are nevertheless jointly. Luckily, right here’s what we discover the similar!

Where Are Julia-Ruth Smith and also Brendan Mosca Now?

We are starting with the season’s initial superb suit, Julia-Ruth Smith and alsoBrendan Mosca As of creating, each of them have yet to share any type of updates connecting to the ongoing standing of their partnership. However, they’ve been rather euphoric to mention every one of the satisfying they would certainly because moving to the honeymoon collection and also also shared pictures of the similar. Such aspects do provide us really hope that the pair needs to be jointly.

Julia-Ruth has not as well lengthy ago transferred to London, England, and also is apparently having a good time with her brand-new residing situation. She can be among lots of existing’s lots of created participants who’ve required to Twitter to say worrying the diverse celebrations that fell upon throughout the production of the Paramount+ series. However, the fact television celebrity has actually attempted to deal with as a great deal of a positive overview as prospective in the direction of the whole situation.

Where Are Brooke Rachman and also Oliver “Ollie” Andersen Now?

The match in between Brooke Rachman and also Oliver “Ollie” Andersen really seems prospering. However, since creating, neither event has actually shared any type of info connecting to the extension of their pairing. Both of them do show up to at the least get on friendly expressions and also show up to have actually liked their time within the honeymoon collection. Ollie himself offers due to the fact that the Founder of Ping Culture and also is an Experience Expert.

Ollie has actually furthermore created a variety of things connecting to his fellow created participants like Anissa Aguilar and alsoAqel Carson Given the climbing online stress in between the factors o the 9th season of the partnership series, the fact television celebrity does seem making an effort his best to instill some positivity. He furthermore appears to have actually preserved a durable recommendation to a great deal of his fellow created participants, a great deal of whom also figured out to promote his company in a present Instagram post.

Where Are Mijntje Lupgens and also Shamal “Samuel” Khan Now?

Though the expose of Mijntje Lupgens and also Shamal “Samuel” Khan’s pairing was much from standard, both has no scarcity of followers. From what we can collect, both do not appear to have actually begun a charming partnership after their time on the program. However, they do appear to have a friendly bond. Nevertheless, the pair needs to share the newest information concerning their charming lives, which followers can barely await.

People have actually likewise shared inquisitiveness regarding why Samuel left the program, yet the truth television celebrity has actually strongly mentioned that he would certainly more than likely never ever reveal the factors. Presently, he functions as a Sales Development Representative for CD Recruitment and also is enthusiastic regarding coming to be a medical professional in the future. Based in Manchester, United Kingdom, the truth television celebrity is likewise in collaboration withSpotted Talent Management Fans of the program may likewise be interested to recognize that Mijntje’s bond with Hamudi Hasoon seems nevertheless prospering although it has actually not been disclosed whether they have actually figured out to seek their charming link in the real globe.

Where Are Taylor Kelly and also Clayton “Clay” Carey Now?

Taylor Kelly and also Clayton “Clay” Carey‘s pairing is another one that captured the eye of the viewers, though the two have not yet shared an update regarding their status as a couple. The two do seem to have acquired the ire of some of their fellow cast members, especially after Taylor’ s disagreement with Ciara “CC” Cortez was confirmed to the public. As of creating, Taylor stays in Sarasota, Florida, and also is a Realtor forPreferred Shore Clay’s area as a Fitness Coach and also Athlete has really aided him in his operate atThe Fitness Concept He can be rather cherished for effective 2020 models of The Bay Games and also MastersHQ.

Where Are Anissa Aguilar and also Aqel Carson Now?

If there was one set that most of the fans have actually been favoring. It was that of Anissa Aguilar and alsoAqel Carson As of creating, neither of them has actually validated their partnership standing although we’re rather enthusiastic that they’re nevertheless jointly, offered their bond throughout today. Anissa is the pleased owner of The 2112 Project and also has actually required to talk worrying the Paramount+ existing together with her fans by Instagram blog posts. In March 2023, she announced the discharge of her e publication ‘Heal and Reveal,’ that speaks about her battles along with her reproductive scenario and also the means she obtained right here to expressions with the similar.

Meanwhile, Aqel has actually luckily shared the info connecting to the improving power of his legs. In January 2023, he happily shared just how he had actually remained in a setting to calf bone raise his figure weight for the key time in 5 years. This was embraced by a video clip of him running in February 2023. However, the fact television celebrity does seem involved in some kind of fight with Eduardo Dickson Jr due to the happenings on today and also has also called out his fellow castmate for making satisfying of his physical scenario.

Where Are Rosalyn “Roz” Odujebe and also Leo Svete Now?

Rosalyn “Roz” Odujebe and also Leo Svete’s amassed a great deal factor to consider from the visitors adhering to the trip that the last passed throughout his time on today. As of creating, they have not offered the fans any type of affirmation regarding their partnership although we’re enthusiastic that they’ve remained to be with each other. Based in County Laois, Ireland, Roz holds the area of Right First Time Support forPfizer She can be among lots of 4 people behind the Get The Gist Podcast.

Presently, Leo stays in Sunnyvale, California, and also functions as educated Basketball Player and alsoTrainer He has actually furthermore shown up in Hulu’s popular sporting activities tasks actuality existing labelled ‘Holey Moley.’ He can be among lots of lots of created participants of this specific model of the Paramount+ series who’ve uncovered themselves within the middle of dramatization adhering to the responses made by amongst today’s factors.

Where Are Jordanne Deveaux and also Michael “Mikey” Owusu Now?

While Jordanne Deveaux and also Michael “Mikey” Owusu have not shared any type of info connecting to their charming lives, it’s doubtless that the 2 in the long run picked to not go after a charming partnership. One of our best reasons for thinking that is Jordanne’s on-screen recommendation to Eduardo Dickson Jr and also Mikey’s bond withCiara “CC” Cortez That being mentioned, the 2 do seem on friendly expressions and also also adhere to each other on Instagram.

As the CEO of Deveaux Swim, with over 101 Instagram fans, Jordanne is really among lots of existing’s added popular created participants. She has actually furthermore been rather singing regarding her time throughout today and also her recommendation toEduardo Leading as long as the season ending, the 2 kept hinting that there is probably added to today’s tale than what was confirmed to the visitors, although the bottom lines of the similar have yet to be disclosed.

Where Are Courtney Rowe and also Eduardo Dickson Jr Now?

Given just just how brand-new the link in between Courtney Rowe and also Eduardo Dickson Jr was, we’re not exactly sure if they’re really in a connection. The 2 themselves have yet to reveal any type of main updates regarding the similar. However, according to Eduardo’s social networks blog posts, it’s exceptionally prospective that he needs to be withJordanne Deveaux In fact, the fact television celebrity has actually been eliminated from reluctant regarding his viewpoints connecting to a few of his fellow created participants. While he has not yet disclosed any type of unrevealed details regarding his time on today, it’s rather noticeable to see that he holds rather an animosity against a lot of his fellow male factors and also has actually also required to asking a few of them to area with him.

While a few of Eduardo’s responses have actually attracted objection from the fanbase, a lot of them are thrilled to pay attention to what Eduardo would perhaps cooperate a promised video clip that might doubtless be gone down extremely swiftly. Presently, he’s associated with One Method Real Estate and also BlackTrophy Promotions, although he’s furthermore identified for his modeling job. Meanwhile, Courtney seems having a good time with her life within the UK, although she did trip to Florida in 2022 and also transformed 27 just a couple of days previously than the ending of ‘Are You The One?’ season 9 was released.

Where Are Dew Pineda and also William “Will” Gagnon Now?

Even although Dew Pineda and also William “Will” Gagnon have not yet shared a change connecting to their standing as a set, we do not require a great deal hope connecting to their standing as a set. After all, fans of today would perhaps focus on Dew’s less-than-happy feelings connecting to her picked friend. Recently, she also required to social networks to mention her on-screen suit. “Will was FAKING being upset over Aqels kiss on the cheek because he is CAMERA THIRSTY & Danielle called him out,” Dew shared whereas reviewing today’s 9th episode. “Everyone in the house is starting to see what I’ve been saying since day one. No one calls themselves “a good guy.”

Meanwhile, Will has actually been the subject of the wrath of Eduardo Dickson Jr, especially by the latter’s declarations regarding what took place on today. However, the previous has actually required to call out great deals of the created participants regarding their conduct and also has actually asserted that they have actually been making an effort to attain factor to consider by acting in such a way completely various from just how they have actually been throughout today. A United States Marine Corps professional, he has actually furthermore promoted an excellent recommendation to a variety of of his fellow factors.

Where Are Danielle Bonaparte and also Hamudi Hasoon Now?

The link in between Danielle Bonaparte and also Hamudi Hasoon may require stunned lots of, nonetheless that really did not discontinue them from being each other’s superb suit. However, since creating, neither of the 2 has actually offered a main assertion connecting to their standing as a set, although they’re really on friendly expressions. Presently, Danielle stays in Phoenix, Arizona, and also is kind of delighted with having actually been among lots of NBA professional dancers. Similarly, Hamudi is a mannequin growing and also functions along with JAM Talent and also Modeling Agency.

Where Are Ciara “CC” Cortez and also Nathan Grant Now?

Despite their short-term interaction as created participants of the Pramount+ existing, there are a variety of individuals who locate themselves analytical regarding Ciara “CC” Cortez and alsoNathan Grant However, they’ve yet to reveal any type of info relating to their lovemaking. Given just how little time they would certainly with each other and also the means durable CC’s link was with Mikey, it’s prospective that the duo can have figured out to not go after a connection.

Presently, CC counts in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and also is a favored web content product maker. Meanwhile, Nathan stays in London, England, and also is the Creative Development Director for firms like La Fiesta, Moana Lisa, Espira, and alsoVictory Lap Management He has actually furthermore uncovered himself within the heart of online dramatization, specifically after the video of his disagreement with Eduardo Dickson Jr was revealed by the last to the public.

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