Are Anissa and Aqel From Are You The One Still Together?


The charming element of life can commonly be challenging for individuals, especially when all the common approaches of uncovering an affiliate seem generating no results. However, the participants of ‘Are You The One?‘ get the unique opportunity to find their perfect match based on their wants and needs. Obviously, not all is as simple as a straight-up meeting, and the reality show‘s unique format allows viewers to truly get immersed in the stories that unfold over the course of each season. Take the tale of Anissa Aguilar and Aqel Carson, one of the strongest couples from the Paramount+ show’ s period 9, that soon caught the hearts of fans worldwide. If you’re interested whether the set stays to be jointly, are afraid not as an outcome of currently we have your once more!

Anissa Aguilar and Aqel Carson’s Are You The One? Journey

Anissa and Aqel went into the Paramount+ connection existing, wishing to complete their charming concerns. Based on their very first week of communications, Aqel partnered with Courtney Rowe via the very first match event. At the similar time, Anissa was selected byOliver “Ollie” Andersen However, the night was a power outage as there have actually been no excellent suits, allowing all participants to remove at the least one determine from their checklists.

After the main match event, Anissa and Aqel started to obtain nearer. Their bond with each other was really durable, and each really felt that the reverse might be their excellent suit. After the 2nd issue, Anissa did obtain a possibility to go into the truth sales area together with Hamudi Hasoon, nonetheless it was rapidly disclosed that they weren’t an optimal suit. In the 2nd match event, Anissa squandered no time at all in choose Aqel as her partner, a telephone call that attracted the last as effectively.

However, due to the fact that the period proceeded, Anissa’s self-confidence in her connection with Aqel diminished, especially when amongst the toughest “couples” had actually been disclosed to not be the pre-decided ones. Most of the candidates had actually been furthermore determined to drink concerns up as a method to enhance the selection of beam of lights they might hop on the events, major Mijntje Lupgens to pick Aqel as her partner via the 6th match event. At the similar time, Anissa chosenShamal “Samuel” Khan Throughout period 9, Anissa and Aqel chosen each other as their buddies generally although they never got the opportunity to validate their pairing via the truth sales area.

Just earlier than the nine issue, Aqel shown to Anissa just how he had actually seen that she would commonly talk about being pals earlier than the match events. In action, she admitted regarding not wishing to put all her eggs in the similar basket although she did presume that Awel might potentially be her possible suit. All of the complication that the pair had really cleared once they partnered for the nine match event, and every one of the lights had actually been lit, showing that they had actually been definitely each other’s excellent suit.

Are Anissa Aguilar and Aqel Carson Still Together?

As of creating, neither Anissa neither Aqel has actually offered any type of main info associating with their connection standing. However, we’re confident that the 2 are however jointly, offered the appealing bond they shared whereas on the here and now. As among lots of fan-favorite {pairs}, both has actually preserved an effective follower adhering to, with individuals excitedly supporting them on throughout their on-screen trip. Even currently, the 2 can commonly be seen communicating with each other on social media sites, which entirely supplies to the trustworthiness of their recommendation to each other.

Since the best of ‘Are You The One?’ period 9, Anissa and Aqel have actually brazenly stated their concepts associating with the regular episodes. The previous also required to Instagram to discuss her on-screen admission associating with her previous connection and clinical circumstance. The starting dad of The 2112 Project furthermore safeguarded Hamudi from the public associating with his action whereas they had actually gotten on a day. “Hamudi is an incredible man; a true gem. And I’m grateful he helped me see a whole new perspective from his POV. We had a beautiful convo after the truth booth, and his response from our date was/is completely valid,” Anissa stated in an Instagram send.

Meanwhile, Aqel seems making appealing progression associating with his legs. As the here and now’s fans might be aware, the reality television celebrity had actually remained in an auto crash some years in the past that significantly hurt his legs. This suggests that Aqel needed to take advantage of dental braces to have the capability to move round with pain. However, in January 2023, he remained in a placement to calf raise his body weight for the main time in regarding 5 years. He was pleased to send a video clip of him functioning within the adhering to month.

“Wheelchair bound for 9 months, arm crutches, walking cane, leg braces…I let none of those stop me from achieving my goals!! 🖕🏽🙌🏽,” Aqel happily expressed within the subtitle of his Instagram send. My God is a reliable God Thank you a whole lot to the individuals near me constantly advising me of that I’m and never enabled me to surrender I’m over the moon registered nurseand can not be better!!!”


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