AMC’s Interview With The Vampire Series Has Found Its Lestat


Anne Rice’s 1976 unique “Interview With the Vampire” is just one of the critical jobs of vampire literary works, acting as a much more contemporary version to much older fictional standards like Bram Stoker’s “Dracula.” A listing of the thirty three of the very best vampire publications on the Oprah Daily blog site, as an example, starts with “Interview With the Vampire.” A particular set of supporters of the job (featuring a male that committed a real-life crime inspired by it) might also understand “Interview With the Vampire” certainly not as an unfamiliar yet as a film discharged in 1994, starring Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst, as well as a couple of various other distinctive Hollywood stars.

This timeless vampire story is actually established for modification however once again, as a TELEVISION series on both the AMC system as well as the AMC+ streaming application, slated for a launch occasionally in 2022. With its launch day neither very soon neither uncompromising, information concerning the program are actually presently rare. One of the initial heavyweights affixed to the program was actually Alan Taylor, an experienced TELEVISION supervisor with incidents of massive players like “The Sopranos,” “Game of Thrones,” as well as “Mad Men” to his title.

Now the program has declares yet another crucial part: star Sam Reid, that are going to represent Lestat de Lioncourt, among its pair of protagonists.

Sam Reid is actually the current star to represent the known vampire Lestat

The story of “Interview With the Vampire,” as advised in its headline, is actually mostly expressed by means of a modern interview with a vampire called Louis de Pointe duLac He states just how he was actually initial developed into a vampire and afterwards instructed just how to stay like one due to the elderly Lestat deLioncourt In the 1994 movie, Louis is actually presented through Brad Pitt as well as Lestat throughTom Cruise Stuart Townsend likewise participated in Lestat in the 2002 movie “Queen of the Damned,” on its own based upon an Anne Rice unique (through IMDb). As described in a part declaring headlines of his spreading through Variety, Sam Reid are going to come to be Lestat in the AMC “Interview With the Vampire” TELEVISION series.

As Variety likewise keeps in mind, AMC failed to only buy the legal rights to “Interview With the Vampire” yet every do work in Anne Rice’s “Vampire Chronicles” series, of which “Interview” belongs. If “Interview With the Vampire” is actually a smash hit, after that, AMC could possibly quite possibly determine to conform succeeding publications in the series, as well as therefore recover Reed as Lestat for those modifications.

Reid’s IMDb filmography consists of TELEVISION series like police officer mystery “Prime Suspect 1973,” newsroom dramatization “The Newsreader,” in addition to movies like the WW2 biopic “The Railway Man” as well as the British time period part “Belle.”

More information concerning “Interview With the Vampire” are actually very likely future as advancement on the series proceeds.

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