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Disney Encanto Cast: All About Disney Encanto Movie Cast: Encanto is an American animated film that’s based mostly on music and is a musical fantasy comedy. The movie is gonna be taking you on the trip of the leisure. It has been directed by Jared Bus and Byron Howard. Charise Castro Smith is a screenplay artist within the movie. The story is given by Jared Bush, Byron Howard, Charise Castro Smith, Jason Hand, Nancy Kruse, and Lin-Manuel Miranda. This movie is produced by Yvett Merino and Clark Spencer. In the article beneath we’ll go to debate the solid of the movie. The working time is 102 minutes it’s an English and Spanish language film. Follow More Update On

Disney Encanto Cast  - All About Disney Encanto Movie Cast - All About Disney Encanto Movie Cast

Disney Encanto Cast

A star Stephanie Beatriz is a vocalist for the 15-year-old lady character, Mirabel Madrigal. There is a lady on this film who’s proven emotionally and extremely empathetic.
Noemi Josefina will likely be seen vocalizing a personality of Young Mirabel.
Maria Cecilia Botero is gonna be vocalizing Abuela Alma who’s a grandmother of Mirabel’s and in addition the matriarch within the household.
Olga Meredoz is seen offering a voice to the daddy Alma’s singing voice.
Botero additionally gonna be offering her function in Spanish-language dubbing.
Yanthe Waldman provides her voice to the Spanish language dubbing.
John Leguizamo will likely be vocalizing Bruno Madrigal who’s an uncle and has the power to see the longer term.
Mauro Castillo may have appeared within the voice of Felix Madrigal, he’s Pepa’s husband.
Castillo has been outmoded their function within the Spanish language.
Gaitan vocalizes a task within the Spanish language.
Diane Guerrero goes to vocalize the voice for the constitution Isabela Madrigal which is 21 years outdated. And within the movie wh has been thought of as the proper and profitable future. She has the power to make the flowers bloom all over the place.
Wilmer Valderrama as Augstin Madrigal, he’s a father of the principle lead and the husnbed of the julieta’s.
Rhenzy Feliz, because the 15-year-old Camilo Madrigal, is a son of Pepa and Felix son, and in addition a brother of the characters Dolores and Antonio’s brother.
Ravi Cabot-Conyers will likely be seen vocalizing as 5-year-old, Antonio Madrigal. He has the expertise to talk to animals.
Adassa is 21 years outdated, Dolores Madrigal, and has the power, “know’s everyone dirt”.
Maluma goes to be  seen as Marimo Guzman.
Alan Tudyk as Pico.

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