Alex Noerdin Will File Cassation in Corruption Cases


Palembang, CNN Indonesia

Former Governor of South Sumatra Alex Noerdin will file an enchantment to the Supreme Court with a view to be free from jail sentences related to the case corruption.

Initially, he was sentenced to 12 years in jail by the Palembang Special Class 1A District Court. He then appealed and his sentence was lowered to 9 years in jail.

However, he nonetheless feels innocent and wishes to enchantment to be launched from all punishments.



“We asked him to be released, it is not enough to just be sentenced to three years in prison. So we will immediately file an appeal,” Alex’s authorized skilled, Nurmala, Monday (12/9).

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Nurmala outlined that the choice given by the court docket docket was in direction of Ales Noerdin. The motive, in accordance with him, was that most people prosecutor couldn’t present the stream of funds to Alex Noerdin inside the corruption case inside the constructing of the Sriwijaya Palembang Grand Mosque and the acquisition of gas from the PDPDE BUMD.

Alex’s totally different licensed crew, Redho Junaidi, talked about that the two cases weren’t corruption crimes nonetheless administrative errors as regional heads.

“Moreover, there is not a single piece of evidence that proves the flow of funds from the corruption case to our client,” added Ridho.

Previously, Alex was found accountable of corruption in gas product sales by PDPDE and the event of the Sriwijaya Grand Mosque.

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In the choice handed down by the Palembang District Court Judge Yoserizal, it was acknowledged that the prosecutor was unable to point out the stream of funds from the two cases to Alex Noerdin.

However, the select decided that Alex was accountable of making insurance coverage insurance policies that resulted in state losses on account of the two cases. Alex was sentenced to 12 years in jail.

Alex is confirmed to have enriched numerous occasions, such as a result of the Director of PDPDE Sumsel Caca Isa Saleh Sadikin and A Yaniarsyah Hasan, then Director of PDPDE Gas Mudai Madang.

Alex then appealed. As a consequence, the Palembang High Court lowered the jail sentence of former South Sumatra Governor Alex Noerdin to 9 years.

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