Airika and Demetrius Visaya: Couple remembers second they waited alongside JLo and Ben Affleck for marriage ceremony license


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck acquired married on July 16. The singer acknowledged so in her e-newsletter “On The JLo.”

The marriage ceremony happened at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. There had been 4 totally different {{couples}} in line with them. Jennifer Affleck’s e-newsletter acknowledged that on their daughter’s second birthday, a pair from Victorville drove three hours to be there and wait in line with them. Airika and Demetrius Visaya have decided to talk about the perfect part of their marriage ceremony: able to get married with Ben and Jennifer Affleck.

Airika and Demetrius Visaya

The couple suggested KABC that they had been shocked to see the well-known couple there. Demetrius began, “Airika turned around and saw the door. “Oh my God,” she acknowledged. That’s J. Lo. and Ben Affleck.” Airika continued, “He didn’t believe me. When I saw J. Lo., I knew right away. As if that were J. Lo! Everyone wanted to go back and try to find them “Airika said. “I was like we’re going to miss our wedding!” Even though they had been very excited, the couple left for his or her new journey 10 minutes sooner than midnight.

The couple was someplace in Victorville having a Batman-themed celebration for his or her two-year-old son. The couple’s plan to get married someday bought right here true, and about 20 people had been there. The couple’s family loaded up 5 automobiles and drove to the venue. It’s humorous how shortly after the Batman-themed get collectively, the couple met an actor who has carried out Batman sooner than. Airika saved talking about how this impromptu marriage ceremony was greater than any pricey one. “Most people want a big wedding, but the way our story turned out was 100 times better than any wedding we could have spent thousands of dollars on,” she acknowledged.

Jennifer talks regarding the couple in her e-newsletter. She says, “We flew to Vegas last night and waited in line for a license with four other couples who were also on their way to the wedding capital of the world. Behind us, two men held each other’s hands and walked together.” She then talks about Airika Visaya and Demetrius Visaya, who acknowledged, “In front of us, a young couple who drove three hours from Victorville on their daughter’s second birthday. We all wanted the same thing: for the world to recognize us as partners and for us to show our love to the world through the ancient and almost universal symbol of marriage.”

Jennifer Lopez says that she and Ben Affleck will get married. (Photo: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are literally married. Las Vegas’s Little White Wedding Chapel. (Photo: JLo’s e-newsletter “On The JLo”)

Chapel coordinator Kenosha Booth was there and suggested Good Morning America, “It was a quiet wedding.” “It was a lot of fun. I mean, we were about to close up shop when a special guest walked in. I started to shake a little, like, “Oh my God, this is Jennifer Lopez, and we’re about to get married.” She was sporting a nice, elegant, beige costume with lace-like particulars. It confirmed a put together. The veil was very pretty. Everything appeared very straightforward and good. She was beautiful, “Kenosha said. She had a beautiful bouquet of white flowers, and he had a boutonniere that went with it. She also said that the couple was “emotional” all through the ceremony and that they “cried.”

Airika and Demetrius Visaya: Couple remembers second they waited alongside JLo and Ben Affleck for marriage ceremony license.For More Article Visit Techtwiddle

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