5 Disturbing Details Regarding Shauna Tiaffay’s Murder


Shauna Tiaffay, a 46-year-old Las Vegas strip integrated beverage web server as well as mother-of-one, was damaged to passing away with a club inside her country service in 2012. In the morning prolonged stretches of September 29, when her eight-year-old little female went to her granny’s, she was extremely squashed by a specific dangling limited for her appearance.

Tiaffay’s estranged as well as pertained to fireplace competitor companion George, along with a penniless other as well as outlaw described as Noel Stevens, whom he allegedly enlisted to implement the murder, had actually remained in completion punished for the circumstance. A course of evidence, along with blood-splattered trousers, phone info, as well as an idea, drove felony detectives to the perpetrators.


Under a Full Moon, an upcoming episode of Oxygen’s Dateline: Mysteries Revealed, will certainly analyze Shauna Tiaffay’s instance on Thursday, February 2, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. ET. As per the episode run-through:

“At the point when examiners catch the professional killer of a Las Vegas mixed drink server and mother, it becomes clear that the request has simply begun.”

This release will certainly jump right into a couple of huge aspects of the murder instance in added profundity.

Five quick truths in relation to the death of Las Vegas consolidated beverage web serverShauna Tiaffay
1) A long time earlier than her murder, Shauna Tiaffay’s house was harmed right into.
Shauna Tiaffay, 46, a mixed beverage web server on the well known Palms Lodging Gambling subscription on the Las Vegas strip, was house in a distinct service within the Summerlin area of Las Vegas in 2012 when her union with fireplace competitor companion George Tiaffay transformed pressured. Madison, their eight-year-old little female, was shared by the 2. Be that as it might, in the direction of the begin of September, any kind of private obtained below right into her service as well as got her wedding band, beautiful her from within.

2) George, Shauna’s estranged companion, located her mercilessly damaged body as well as the murder scene in her loft space.
Shauna Tiaffay was assaulted within the wake of returning from job within the morning prolonged periods of September 29, 2012. As per research studies, a person went to that time standing up inside her home when she verified up. He after that struck her with a sledge as well as really did not supply till she was to a sudden stop. The attack took place half a month after the burglary.

Madison, that had actually passed methods of the night at her granny’s, was managed George the following early morning as well as headed to Shauna’s. He after that, during that time, located her drab as well as the shocking murder scene as well as described as 911. As per the Mirror, George Tiaffay allegedly said in an emergency situation name that early morning,

“I accept I ought to report a break-in and a homicide.”

3) A dependable suggestion drove detectives to a strange penniless person, that confessed to the misbehavior.
The awesome was simply recently taken into consideration Shauna’s estranged companion,George Tiaffay He did, all the same, existing a tenable credible reason, revealing that he was functioning a 24-hour change on the fireplace terminal previous raising their female. Following that, experts got a vital suggestion from a that his private companion Noel Stevens, an outlaw house exterior the community in a camping tent, had actually confessed to eliminating a lady with a sledge.

At the function when authorities recorded him, they appeared through the location round his outdoor tents as well as situated a couple of trousers splashed with Shauna’s blood. They also uncovered a standard tag sticker label that matched absolutely among a sledge, which was taken into consideration the deadly tool. At the police station, Noel inevitably recognized murder Shauna.

4) Utilizing phone info, experts had the selection to user interface Noel Stevens as well as George Tiaffay.
Specialists checked Noel’s phone as well as situated a call calledGeorge At the function when requested what its recognition was, he stated, “That is my fire fighter amigo.” George Tiaffay had actually learnt more about Noel Stevens, it was ultimately uncovered. Telephone info showed that the 2 people had actually remained in succeeding get in touch with prolonged earlier than Shauna’s passing away.

George allegedly encouraged Noel to eliminate his estranged companion, Shauna Tiaffay, by providing him cash as a business off. At prolonged last, detectives disclosed CCTV evidence of the 2 suspects looking for the deadly tool, a sledge, jointly.

5) George Tiaffay, Shauna Tiaffay’s estranged companion, was arraigned as well as punished for her murder.
Noel Stevens, the meant killer in Shauna’s murder instance, admitted in 2013 to escape death sentence as well as, remarkably, granted attest against George Tiaffay, that required his sincerity. George also got right into an auto incident whereas attempting to run before being captured. Specialists stated that the occasion was a self devastation venture.

After Noel shared complete evidence concerning all that took place leading the most effective means to Shauna Tiaffay’s hideous murder, a court punished George in charge of first-degree murder as well as method to hold up murder in 2015. The daddy of 1 was punished to life behind bars with out in fact any kind of option of supply. In the suggest time, the agreement awesome got a prison amount of time going from 42 years to life.

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