“22-year age difference, it’s not easy to capture his heart”, Just Married, Once the Ex-Wife of a DDNK Stock Expert Reveals This Matter


There is a buzz on social media regarding the marriage of a stock funding expert who’s alleged to be well-known with the tagline ‘Tak Handsome Tak Apa, Janji Kaya’. Media research, Datuk Dr Mohd Nazri Khan Adam Rasol Khan, 47, ended his widowhood closing Friday with Tuan Nor Ernie Rossmeris Tuan Zahari. According to Mohd Nazri Khan, he was beforehand disliked by the woman who was his pupil.

The ex-wife congratulates the stock expert on her spoiled pupil’s marriage On September 5, his ex-wife, Atielia De Sams, bought right here forward to congratulate her ex-husband and to some extent ‘explain’ what occurred. “Congratulations to the newlyweds to my ex-husband who has lived (collectively) for 20 years and recognized for 22 years. There is not any compatibility on the peak of enjoyment, correct brother? When cases had been arduous, we had been comfy collectively.

“I pray that the marriage that took place in Thailand will last until the end of life. Hope there are no more scandalous dramas in this new marriage. Amen,” he acknowledged. According to Atielia, the congratulatory speech wanted to be uploaded on her Facebook as a consequence of the want to ship the speech on her ex-husband’s Facebook was not fulfilled as a consequence of he was blocked from doing so.

In the meantime, Atielia moreover ordered her ex-husband to settle all his requires with out inflicting points. “I put (the speech) on my Facebook as a consequence of I wanted to need on my ex-husband’s Facebook, which has been blocked. Nevermind. Don’t go spherical heaps on this life, for fear of entangling your self. “Be your self that’s greater. I’ve saved heaps, nonetheless I hope solely God will repay each factor. Yes, all of them.

“Solve my demands and don’t trigger me on things that I don’t need to explain at length. Life is simple, don’t mess with me. “Make a statement to be correct. That’s it, I don’t have a stage, I don’t need to make a statement like I don’t have an informer. Thank you,” he acknowledged.

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Introduction when instructing lastly to the throne stage.

MOHD Nazri happily married Tuan Nor Ernie Rossmeris yesterday.  PHOTO courtesy of Datuk Dr Mohd Nazri Khan Adam Rasol Khan

“At first he didn’t like me, maybe because I was old.” So acknowledged Stock Investment Expert, Certified Financial Manager and Economic Analyst, Datuk Dr Mohd Nazri Khan Adam Rasol Khan, 47, who ended his widowhood yesterday.

Mohd Nazri is thankfully married to Tuan Nor Ernie Rossmeris Tuan Zahari, 25, who could be his pupil.

He who’s affectionately generally called DDNK and is widespread by approach of the tagline ‘Tak Handsome Tak Apa Janji Kaya’ purchased married yesterday, sooner than celebrating at a grand ceremony at a lodge inside the capital, yesterday.

Mohd Nazri acknowledged it was not easy to win his partner’s coronary coronary heart due to the large age distinction between them.

“Our age distinction is 22 years. It is simply not easy to seize her coronary coronary heart. But Alhamdulillah we purchased married on Friday. Actually as we communicate (yesterday) is exactly one 12 months since we met.

“We met when I gave a ‘talk’ at a university. Originally I taught stocks. But after knowing him for a long time, I met his family. Hopefully, see you in September last year and in February we started getting serious. So, we only dated for about seven months before deciding to get married,” he acknowledged.

According to him, he fell in love at first sight along with his partner due to his gentleness and character.

“My partner could also be very spoiled, she is a pupil, listens and is straightforward to mildew. So I actually really feel like there could also be an exception in my life as a firm explicit particular person. When we meet him, we don’t communicate regarding the firm world. So, it’s completely totally different from my life.

“When I first saw him, I liked him because he was soft and spoiled. We seem to be compatible and I don’t feel like an old man. For me, the age difference is not a problem from the beginning of getting to know each other. I have never met a young boy who can chat with old people like me like friends,” he acknowledged.

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At the similar time, Mohd Nazri shared that it was his second marriage after separating from his first partner.

“This is my second marriage. Officially, widowed life is only for a moment. “If it’s not official, we haven’t lived together for a long time and we haven’t been on the same page for a year,” he acknowledged.

The presence of Emran and Nabila, Erra on the DDNK marriage ceremony ceremony was the primary goal

The presence of Emran and Nabila Erra at the DDNK wedding was the focus

The presence of Emran and Nabila, Erra on the DDNK marriage ceremony ceremony was the primary goal. The marriage ceremony ceremony ceremony of Stock Investment Expert who could be an monetary analyst, Datuk Dr Nazri Khan closing night time time stole the eye of the guests with many widespread celebrities.

Most attention-grabbing as a consequence of presence of film prima donna, Erra Fazira, her ex-husband, Engku Emran and his partner, Noor Nabila.

They even went as a lot as the major stage to bathe the bride and groom on the dais.

But Erra solely went up with the child from her marriage to Engku Emran, Engku Aleesya, whereas her ex-husband was with Noor Nabila.

Previously, Noor Nabila dispelled rumors and allegations about her shaky marriage when she shared a {photograph} with Engku Emran in an InstaStory.

The sharing of the image moreover answered assorted allegations and accusations that acknowledged the husband and partner’s relationship had dissolved.

Not solely in Malaysia, rumors about their alleged divorce moreover went viral and acquired the eye of the Indonesian media.

For the report, sooner than marrying Nabila on March 19 closing 12 months, Engku Emran had married two pretty celebrities, notably Erra Fazira and the favored Indonesian actress, Laudya Cynthia Bella, nonetheless they weren’t blessed with children.

Other celebrities who had been moreover present on the event had been Rozita Che Wan and her husband, Zain Saidin, Emma Maembong, Aiman ​​Hakim and Zahiran MacWilson.

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Also performing to entertain the guests was the favored diva, Ziana Zain.

The presence of the film star on the Mandarin Oriental was amongst about 600 invited guests who attended the ceremony which befell in a energetic and splendid surroundings.

Meanwhile, the royal couple for a day, Nazri or popularly generally called DDNK and his companion, Datin Tuan Nor Ernie Rossmerie Tuan Zahari had been thankfully accepted inside the marriage ceremony ceremony ceremony that befell yesterday.

Previously, Nazri was normally chosen by television and media stations reminiscent of TV3, Astro Awani, Bloomberg, CNBC, The Edge and likewise Berita Harian, to supply suggestions and views on the stock market and likewise factors related to the financial system.

His involvement on the earth of the stock market in Malaysia has tremendously modified the common public’s view of shares.

Even Nazri could be widespread with the slogan ‘Tak hensem takpa janji kaya’ by approach of adverts on the radio amongst Malaysians.

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