15 Movies Like Pineapple Express That Comedy Fans Need To See


Seth Rogen and also James Franco’s timeworn story of process-server and also hippie supplier on the fly illegal styles while ending up being absolute best (coughing) buddies was actually consistently heading to be actually a favorite. Throw in Craig Robinson, Gary Cole, and also Rosie Perez, dangle the entire factor on Rogen and also Franco’s comical chemical make up, and also you’ve acquired a cannabis-fueled comedy like nothing else. Also, performed our team discuss the mental-as-ever Danny McBride? “Pineapple Express” is actually an excellent pot flick and also an unusual standard of the style, however it isn’t your only alternative if you’re in the state of mind for higher comedy. And certainly not all pot movies possess genuine pot in all of them, however– in reality, a number of the parts that create an eco-friendly flick fantastic program up in a ton of humors. So if you would like to know what “Shaun of the Dead” can perhaps share along with “Pineapple Express,” continued reading– and also prep to incorporate a ton of brand-new access to your watching line up.

This Is the End

“This Is the End” acts as the final entrance in a loosened collection of movies that includes Seth Rogen, James Franco, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, Jonah Hill, and also their friends mistaking about– apart from within this flick, they’re participating in fictionalized variations of on their own, and also rather than selling the somewhat dirty planet of medicine handling or even minor consuming, they’re dealing with completion of the planet. The create is actually basic: a gathering at Franco’s home deviates for the prophetic when a collection of Biblical- amount disasters is actually let loose.

In the middle of all this, lots of individuals are actually being actually airlifted to Heaven, thanks to a magnificent shuttle bus solution certainly not that different to boob tube modern technology found in “Futurama.” In no time at all, culture entirely breaks– McBride comes to be a cannibal master, along with Channing Tatum as his ready gimp. On the means, Michael Cera offers a career-best functionality as the creep you consistently wished he would certainly be actually, Rihanna creates Craig Robinson in fact flush– that understood that was actually also feasible?– and also Jonah Hill performs a Woody Harrelson opinion that is going to stick with you permanently. An complete must-see for any individual that suches as the tip that Heaven is actually a stoner’s haven.

Dude, Where’s My Car?

Endlessly quotable, truly humorous and also having among the most effective video apologies ever before dedicated to movie, “Dude, Where’s My Car?” definitely is actually a dumb, exciting means to devote 90 mins. Essentially a shed evening tale, the movie identifies the story of friends Jesse and also Chester, that can not locate the faulty jalopy that masquerades their cars and truck the hangover. During their pursuit they fulfill a cigarette smoking canine, an unusual creed, and also several of the best Danish invaders you’ll ever before see. But the account is actually definitely nonphysical.

Co- celebrities Ashton Kutcher and also Seann William Scott provide authentic, touching, and also downright humorous efficiencies from beginning to end. The set are actually accurately possessing a burst right with– coming from the wizard design debate to “Bust a Move” and also essentially intermittent setting they discuss, their chemical make up is actually dynamite. The movie likewise offers you the option to savor the most effective, very most humorous, and also many unforgettable part of Brent Spiner’s profession. It’s worth the rate of entrance alone.

We’re the Millers

“We’re the Millers” contrasts coming from many weed-fueled humors because it possesses a female in a leading man. Admittedly that lady is actually participating in a pole dancer that earns through a male drug supplier to claim she’s his spouse, however our team’ll take progression where our team can obtain it, you understand? When David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) is actually pushed to steer a mega-ton of medicines around the boundary, it is actually apparent that what he requires to produce the travel definitely stand out is actually a bogus family members to aid mislead the boundary polices. Enter the above mentioned pole dancer (Jennifer Aniston) and also 2 adolescents (Emma Roberts and also Will Poulter).

The “Millers” create their means southern as the flick goes where we understand it is actually definitely moved– specifically, the location where this rag-tag ton of outsiders instantly understands they definitely are actually a family members. And that’s what is actually therefore distinct regarding “We’re the Millers”: it is actually virtually a family-friendly stoner flick. It’s likewise hot and also loaded with wit, along with an actors that is actually incomparably watchable and also amusing, and also a tale that advises our company that also center course styles smoke the eco-friendly– and also recommends that even with what you see on the information, white colored individuals may smuggle means a lot more medicines than any individual else.

Cheech and also Chong’s Up in Smoke

Don’t ever before allow any individual inform you that the ’90s created stoner humors. Your moms and dads– also your grandparents– were actually enjoying all of them long prior to that, and also it is actually greatly with the help of the appeals of the best well-known tobacco smokers of the ’70s: Cheech Marin and alsoTommy Chong The to begin with of 7 movies the duo has actually created all together, 1978’s “Up in Smoke” enjoyed over $44 million against a $2 million budget along with a rambling account that adheres to the higher as a kite set with ups and also downs consisting of an assignment behind bars for property and also a fight of the bands competitors that views all of them vocal singing “Earache My Eye.” Yes, it is actually rubbish, however it is actually stylish rubbish.

From comically sizable junctions to unacceptable usages for a laundry washing interfere with, burrito-eating canines, and also being actually rudely woken up through what believes that a many thousand little little ones, the exciting arises from just how natural the top stars are actually. That chemical make up has actually stood up the exam of your time: Having determined perhaps every stoner comedy that happened after, both still explore all together and also may usually be actually discovered spoofing their knowledgeable people in the similarity “From Dusk Till Dawn” and also “That ’70s Show.”

Jay and also Silent Bob Strike Back

Any of Kevin Smith’s New Jersey movies might match on this checklist, such is their affiliation along with the natural herb. “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” nonetheless, includes none however 2 of the most effective parts in theView Askewniverse

Jay and also Silent Bob are actually pushed to leave their relaxed store when the flick model of the witties model of their lifestyles endangers to destroy their life. And that is actually prior to it is actually also covered. From gemstone break-ins and also religious women that appear a great deal like Princess Leia however certainly carry out certainly not act like her, to epic personalities that appear a great deal like Luke Skywalker and also act a little bit like him, “Strike Back” is actually a perpendicular gagfest. And no, those are actually certainly not the 2 parts our team’re referring to.

Neither are actually Jon Stewart, Judd Nelson– remember him?– or evenWill Ferrell Nope. They’re all outed perform through Seann William Scott, whose sanctimonious pet civil liberties protestor is actually clean comedy gold. And if that isn’t good enough, Matt Damon and also Ben Affleck’s self-deprecating look is actually consistently suitable for a laugh. All all together right now: Lion skin! Lemon skin! Lion skin! Lemon skin!

The Big Lebowski

“The Big Lebowski” is actually a stoner flick standard, however it is actually likewise a great deal a lot more. This well-known Coen bros outing informs a garbled noir-style story through which Jeffrey Lebowski, OG hippie and also carpet fan, is actually mesmerized in a sweltering relationship malfunction entailing nihilists, under garments, bowling, and also the best unique use Kenny Rogers’ songs ever before perceived. Jeff Bridges, as Lebowski, is actually assisted and also advocated through an exceptional actors that consists of John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Julianne Moore, and also a profoundly distressing John Turturro.

Having been actually confused for a various Lebowski– the wealthy other half of a careless prize spouse– Bridges’ personality is actually after that billed along with result claimed absent husband or wife. As he goes across all the basics of the scenario, truth attribute of the Lebowski family members is actually little by little and also happily exposed. Along the means, you’ll laugh, you’ll wail, you’ll discover brand-new and also thrilling means to disrespect your close friends, and also you’ll never ever examine violet one-piece suits in rather similarly once again.

Harold and also Kumar Go to White Castle

If you needed to select one main reason “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” deserves its own place on this checklist, most of us understand what you would certainly select. Three terms:Neil Patrick.Harris No various other part look possesses therefore completely modified the program of a star’s progress, along with the means everyone views all of them. Outrageous, humorous and also downright illegal in location, it properly and also definitely shut guide on the “former child actor” stage of Harris’ profession. Of program, various other things likewise takes place while driving to White Castle.

John Cho is actually humorous below, and also Kal Penn’s certainly not 50% of negative themself. So when the constantly cooked set’s munchie-seeking journeys at some point end up essentially working as a 90-minute create for a “Dude, Where’s My Car” endorsement– the movies, possibly unsurprisingly, discuss a supervisor– it is actually totally pardonable. Come for the stoner comedy, remain for the amusing, lovely, hot and also completely prodding efficiencies, and also organize Harris to blow your thoughts all around once again.

Shaun of the Dead

They might certainly not in fact obtain higher in the flick, however “Shaun of the Dead” primary personalities Shaun and also Ed have lots of Hollywood- design stoner qualities. They’re underachievers. Kinda passive. They’d instead participate in computer game than job. They have not definitely modified given that university. You understand. A caper spruced up as a zom-rom-com, it is actually likewise among optimum, craziest British humors of perpetuity, skillfully crafted through expert scriptwriters and also done through a positively excellent cast.

When Londoners instantly begin becoming zombies, it is actually up to our titular hero to obtain his close friends, foes, girl, and also mama to the assumed safety and security of the nearby club– and after that maintain all of them to life till the armed force may save all of them. But prior to that may occur, they must eliminate zombies and also envious prospective companions while consuming even more swine treats than may perhaps be actually well-balanced. And they perform it all to an amazing soundtrack, which hits its own pinnacle during the course of the team pounding of a zombie choreographed to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.” Packed strong along with tricks, popular culture endorsements, definitely touching cultures, and also several of the 21st century’s very most quotable conversation, “Shaun” does without question a present day standard. How’s that for a piece of panned fry gold?


When Ice Cube laid out to create a stoner flick, he claimed he wanted it to be as influential as “Up in Smoke.” And, child, performed he ever before supply along with “Friday.” Everybody enjoyed it– a ticket office take nearly nine times its own spending plan demonstrates how accurate that is actually. But it goes a great deal deeper than that. Does “Up in Smoke” possess its very own meme? Does “Dude Where’s My Car?” obtain estimated on “Drag Race“? No various other pot flick possesses rather transcended readers and also systems likewise.

While the area– stoners “accidentally” are obligated to pay supplier cash– could certainly not be actually the best initial ever before developed, it is actually one thing lots of tobacco smokers may connect to. It’s the tricks, the conversation, the power, and also the ridiculous skilled hue that produce “Friday” therefore loved. Tiny Lister?Check John Witherspoon?Check Nia Long?Check Bernie Mac?Check And that is actually prior to our team refer to Chris Tucker and also Cube themself. And our team do not assume it is actually enjoying with your feelings to point out that the fourth-wall-busting closing is actually a contact of wizard. Truly the specification where all succeeding flowerpot humors must be actually evaluated.

Dazed and also Confused

Smart, amusing, ridiculing, and also pleasant, “Dazed and Confused” may create you classic temporarily prior to you were actually birthed. Also, our team only can not obtain good enough of Matthew McCo naughey in pink slacks. Focusing on the yesterday of university in ’70s Austin, Texas, “Dazed” takes our company on a “Breakfast Club”- design trip with the social (and also reclusive) teams commemorating their independence. From that final early morning alarm to occur to the 1st time of summer season, the adolescents smoke cigarettes, cocktail, match, and also speak on their own with one untamed– and also extremely amusing– evening.

The efficiencies are actually therefore natural, therefore amusing, therefore downright credible. Rory Cochrane kips down what could be his finest comedy functionality as the none-more-stoned Slater, and also takes every act he is actually in. Parker Posey, Sasha Jensen, and also Adam Goldberg likewise obtain exclusive reference for their wonderfully amusing handles adolescent dread. The manuscript is actually a happiness, the soundtrack is actually completely sound best, and also most of us prefer a gathering at theMoontower If you’ve never ever found this flick, what possess you been actually making with your lifestyle?

Half Baked

On newspaper, “Half Baked” appears a great deal like your normal stoner flick: Wacky create plus harebrained stoner tactics amounts to lots of laughs and also an ethically unclear finishing. Here, the crazy create includes the fatality of an authorities equine through an overdose of prepackaged food, bring about a major personality’s arrest. As an outcome, his close friends sketch a harebrained tactics to burglarize the nearby health care weed laboratory to elevate the million-dollar bail connect. There’s lots of space for parts, consisting of Jon Stewart, Snoop Dogg, Tommy Chong, and also Willie Nelson, however the flick’s very most efficient energetic component is actually Dave Chappelle.

“Half Baked” was actually recorded prior to Chappelle’s first brush along with system TELEVISION, and also he really did not only star in it– he co-wrote it along with long time companion Neal Brennan You would not have actually recognized it at that time, however the flick was actually certainly one thing of a warmup for both’s extremely prosperous and also much-missed illustration program. Mellow out, take it easy, and also indulge in this unique and also humorous travel in to the thoughts of among America’s biggest comics.

Idle Hands

Take one teen rom-com, incorporate pot, devil branch property, and also several of the grossest sandwich-making you’ll ever before see, and also you’re close the story of “Idle Hands.” Sprinkle in a lots of humorous tricks, a number of comedy zombies, and also a bizarre “Addams Family” character, and also you’ve acquired a grass flick along with a gothic spin. Taking its own headline and also a lot of the account coming from the outdated proverb “The devil makes work for idle hands,” the movie fixate Devon Sawa’s weed-loving teen Anton, that locates themself along with a murderously had palm, bent on hurting his local and also precious at every option. What adheres to is actually a gloriously story regarding the devil-related hazards of being actually an idler and also just how to charm significant classmates. (Hint: Don’t attempt to eliminate all of them.)

Sawa offers what could be his absolute best functionality, while Jessica Alba performs what she may along with incredibly handful of garments and also less product lines, and also Seth Green and also Eldon Henson swipe a lot of the program along with their strongly amusing take on the just recently died. The remainder of the movie is actually torn coming from their understanding through Vivica A. Fox as she drills, howls, and also dishonors her means to her demon-killing fate.

The Breakfast Club

Kicking off along with an arbitrary team of teenagers getting there for apprehension on a Saturday, John Hughes’ timeless “The Breakfast Club” evolves throughout 8 hrs, during the course of which its own youthful primary signs laugh, smoke cigarettes, dancing, decline to adjust, and also typically possess an awesome opportunity connecting over the prejudice of all of it. Stereotypes are actually discovered, overlooked, and also overturned, relationships bloom and also perish, and also one personality leaves with a gemstone jewelry in the end. Nothing like any type of apprehension our team ever before mosted likely to, however it is actually forever amusing anyhow.

The movie has actually pulled critical remarks in the last few years for its own course and also sex fashions, to name a few factors. But as a picture of white colored, upper-middle-class adolescent ’80s dread, it still possesses a lots of market value– consisting of the team toke-up setting that stays a timeless if for nothing else main reason than women are actually made it possible for certainly not only to become existing, however to engage. For that therefore lots of various other causes, the “Club” will definitely consistently figure in our souls.

Tenacious D and also the Pick of Destiny

Long prior to Jack Black began creating little ones’ movies, he resided in a stone band. An excellent one, as well. In truth, also prior to Black amazed the planet in the end of “High Fidelity” through showcasing a rock/soul vocal the majority of people would certainly get rid of for, he and also his henchman in Tenacious D, Kyle Gass, were actually creed preferences for their remarkable musicianship and also manipulated funny bone. Their self-titled 1st cd is actually properly worth streaming– and also all of it resulted in the planet’s 1st comedy whose story rests on Satan’s pearly whites.

In “Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny,” Black and also Gass triggered to locate the titular choice, which is actually created coming from a part of among Satan’s pearly whites and also is actually claimed to create the owner a transcendent wizard along with any type of stringed tool. (Any and also every stone celebrity you may call the moment had the choice up.) As long as the choice avoids of the adversary’s oral cavity, the planet is going to make it through. Dave Grohl participates in Satan, showing you could be among stone’s best fellas and also still be actually carried to participate in the adversary, however the genuine miracle below arises from Black and also Gass, Tenacious as ever before.


“Superbad” possesses all the trademarks of a timeless stoner flick. When Seth and also Evan, 2 persistantly undesirable senior citizens, are actually billed along with the extremely unlikely task of delivering the alcohol for a senior high school blast, they relocate paradise and also the planet to create it occur. What adheres to is actually an adolescent, filthy and also extremely humorous trip with the highlights of what our team’re certain was actually an exciting teenage years, considered that the manuscript was actually created through long time imaginative companions Seth Rogen and alsoEvan Goldberg starting when the two were still teens

The semi-autobiographical tale is actually said to along with wit and also coziness, leading to a film that is actually a great deal much more than the total of its own components. Yes, the personalities possess some suspicious concepts regarding sexual activity and also girls, however therefore carry out a ton of adolescents. What creates “Superbad” therefore exclusive for many individuals is its own very clear passion for that nasty opportunity in between being actually a child and also relocating in to their adult years, provided along with sincerity, wit, and alsoBill Hader Goldberg and also Rogen are actually to become yielded for switching their teen shortcomings in to a comedy that is actually refreshingly without vanity– and also laugh-out-loud amusing.